RIDGID Roofing Cutter R040SCA- Hands On


Last month we told you about the RIDGID roofing cutter,  we now have our hands on one and it is well designed from its directional exhaust to its swivel NPT coupler, the tool screams quality.  The huge oversize rubber over molded grip is comfortable and even has an area to hold the included hex wrench for blade changes.

The tool reminds me of a standard air saw that you would see in a typical body shop.  It comes with 2 curved roofing blades that are inserted and locked down via 2 hex head screws.  The shoe is adjustable to allow for better control.  The saw is capable of 9,600SPM at 90 PSI, but you will need to supply at least 4 scfm to power the saw and 8+ scfm for continuous use. We tested the tool using a 4 scfm compressor and the tool can quickly go though some air, so a big tank and high scfm will yield the best results.    We cut through some shingles that I had in my garage and the tool effortlessly made accurate and straight lines.  The exhaust is adjustable by simply rotating the base, this is good so you do not blow debris in your face.  The trigger has a typical air tool lock that prevents the tool from accidentally starting.

2 blades are included to get started and they even threw in a bottle of oil to maintain the tool.  The RIDGID lifetime Service Agreement covers the R040SCA.



  1. WOW that cut through like butter! I’ve helped install roofs before and I will definitely give this bad boy a whirl. ahh what a difference a good tool can make at the jobsite

  2. This tool isn’t manufactured anymore. I have worked with it and I would like to buy one, does anybody know where I can get one?


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