Milwaukee Tools – What’s in store – Part 1


What can we say about Milwaukee tools?  They are people who like to have fun, but when it comes to the tools themselves, they are serious.  Milwaukee makes some of the best tools around.  They are innovative and not afraid to think outside the box.  In fact when we attended the Milwaukee 2012 event, we learned a lot about the tools and the company.  We saw some pretty cool innovative tools, even tools we were not allowed to talk about, but we are.  We are going to give you a sneak peak at one tool that we are not supposed to talk about, think about or do anything with until we get the green light.  Well today we are going to tell you about this tool.  Milwaukee is releasing a, erased by Milwaukee Secret Service.

Okay now that we told you about the cool idea Milwaukee is coming out with, we can never talk about that again until it’s released.  However we can talk about some of the other cool products we saw at the Milwaukee event.  We are not going to visit these products in detail during this three part series.  In fact our goal is to just touch on some of these products now and as they are released, we will go more into depth on them.  We can also talk about one of the biggest disappointments too.

Milwaukee’s Line of Clothing

Milwaukee is changing the popular style jackets, for the better.  They are now including hand warmers inside the pockets, which can be controlled by a push of a button.  Plus Milwaukee added fleece inside to create an even warmer jacket.  The jackets are still powered by a M12 battery, but now you can also use an XC battery.  You get 6 hours of continuous run time.  6 hours not enough?  Well Milwaukee has you covered with an optional 12v DC plug which debuts in fall 2012.  It has a 7 ft cord, perfect for a snowmobile or ATV rider.
































Dan said he knocked over the snowmobile rider by accident, but I still think he  intentionally knocked  it down.  I think he wanted to find out if it was a man or a woman.




High Visibility Jacket

All the jackets are cool, but this has to be TIA’s favorite, it just looks cool and provides a layer of safety protection with the high visibility.  This jacket has an ANSI Class 3 certification and meets or exceeds jobsite and roadside standards.  The jacket has a removable hood which is cool, but not as cool as the option for a user to embroider their company on the back of the jacket.  The jacket also has a pen pocket on the left upper sleeve and also a chest pocket.  For some reason this one does not have hand warmers.


Brad from Toolskool admires the new jackets.  If you ever see him or Beth around, you have to hang out with them.  Very cool and will have you rolling around laughing.

Milwaukee Power Source

Milwaukee has a lot of cool things coming to the market, but one of our favorites is the M12 and M18 Powersource.  As you can see a user can power their jackets, but what is cool, Milwaukee included a USB port.  Which means power on the go baby.  Charge your phone, ipod or what ever else you want.



Stay tuned for our next couple of articles which will feature the M12 Rotary hammer and more cool items.  Plus our biggest dissapointment of the whole event.



  1. I can’t wait for this jacket I have a mile road that I plow in the winters and this jack would be perfect. Plugging into the outlet within the bobcat will allow me to plow all day and stay warm. Thanks guys


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