Milwaukee Tools – What’s in store – Part 2


Part two of our three part series covers some more cool tools from Milwaukee. I still can not get over the idea that we are excited about 12V systems.  It still amazes us 12V tools are now becoming part of our everyday working life.  Who would have thought these types of tools could really be useful and actually do some work.  Okay I am sure a lot of you did.  Milwaukee has the largest and coolest line of 12v tools.  So let’s start with a cool tool that most people can utilize.  From a contractor to a home DIY guy, a cordless caulk gun can save time and stop the pain in your arm from all day caulking, plus give you a nice bead.


Milwaukee M12 Caulk and Adhesive Gun

Milwaukee M12 Caulk Gun

Okay this has to be one of the coolest M12 tools, well we pretty much say that about the whole line of M12 tools, but this is awesome.  We had a chance to play with this at the event and let me tell you, this makes life so much easier.  Just cut the tube to size, insert and you are set to go.  On the side you can even use the dial to select a speed.  You can lock your rock to hang up the tool when it’s lunch time.  Image using this gun to do prestressed concrete builds.  The whole unit will come with the tool, battery and charger for about $150.  Oh yeah, you can do about 150 10 oz tubes on one charge.  This will come out in Sept 2012.


Milwaukee M12 Rotary Hammer

Okay maybe this is the coolest M12 tool.  I have to admit when I first saw this rotary hammer, yes a M12 Rotary Hammer, I thought to myself, Milwaukee got a little carried away with this whole M12 line.  Come on, what the heck can anyone do with a 12V rotary hammer?  Then I realized I was thinking inside the box, while Milwaukee was thinking outside the box.  This is not meant to replace your corded or even an 18V rotary hammer.  This tool is designed for the guys who need to drill into concrete, but don’t need all the power and especially all the weight of the bigger rotary hammers.  Milwaukee had an interesting graph posted of what size holes most people drill with their rotary hammers.

As you can see by this chart, about 80% of holes being drilled are with a 1/2″ or smaller bit.  Well perfect since this hammer is an 1/2″ SDS.  We had a chance to try the M12 versus some other rotary hammers and hammer drills, both 18V.  I can’t say I would abandon the 18V platform because there is still a real need for those tools.  What this did show is the M12 is no toy.  If I am using a rotary hammer all day long, I will still grab for my 18V or corded version.  However if I am going to be running around tossing in Tapcons, electrical boxes, etc., I would much rather work with this M12.   The tool is only 9″ long and weighs 3.9 lbs., plus it can drill up to 60 holes per charge.  Long story short (your welcome), this tool is to compliment your tools and not replace them.




Milwaukee M12 Hammervac Dust Extractor


Okay this is the coolest tool in the M12 line up.  What is it you ask?  It’s Milwaukee’s new Hammervac dust extractor.  Just attach it to your favorite rotary hammer and bam, no more dust falling on your head or getting kicked up all around you.   Check out the video below in regards to dust extraction, very cool.  Notice anything else?  Well the extractor powers up and down by itself.











Milwaukee Max-Lok Carbide Extension System

Now this isn’t one we at Tools in Action would use everyday, but there is a huge market for the Milwaukee Max-Lok.  Basically this system can save a lot of money and frustration.   As you can see, you can pretty much get any length you want.  You can use any rotary hammer drill, SDS-max, spline or SDS-Plus.












In our last part of this series, we are going to tell you the biggest disappointment we found out at this event.



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