Homelite 3100 psi Pressure Washer # UT80432A – Perfect for Any Homeowner


Spring and summer rock because we can get out the pressure washers.  We get a lot of email on people asking about pressure washers, what is the right one to get etc.  Well for the homeowner we have found a great choice, the Homelite 3100 psi pressure washer.  3100 psi is on the high end of the scale for a homeowner unit and has major power so no job is out of reach.  Apart from power, it is versatile, innovative and packed with features that make it easy for the homeowner to move and store the unit.  The engine is a Honda GCV 190 with a direct drive maintenance free brass pump that puts out 3100 psi at 2.5 gallons per minute.  With a Honda motor you know you’re going to get first pull starts every time and it will last forever!

The unit has a unique frame that gives it good balance for moving the unit around even with one hand.  It is a one piece design that saves weight.  During operation it visibly vibrates a bit, but there is no negative effects from the vibration.  On the front is a soap tank, the opening is wide to prevent any spillage when filling.  I like on-board tanks vs just suction hoses because they are easier and cleaner to operate.  At the top of the frame is the handle which folds down for storage.  The hose holder works rather well and has a bungee that can hold the hose in place.  The 25ft hose is one of the easiest I have ever used to move around, it is light and flexible.  My only complaint is it’s just too short.  Luckily the unit is nimble to move around thanks to the big wheels.  The wand locks on to the unit which is a feature that I like a lot, it is not coming off until you pull it off.

The wand is comfortable to hold, light and feels quality.  Most pressure washers come with an assortment of tips, not the HomeLite.   It comes with one selectable tip that is awesome.  It has 2 soap modes and a 40,25 and 0 degree position.  The best thing is that the tip is removable just like any other tip.  The gas tank is a bit on the small side, but I think for short tasks it is perfect.  We got roughly 45 min or so on a tank depending on how much time it idled.  I always top off the unit before I start a project anyway.  A few times the unit ran out of gas,  we refilled and were back up and running with one pull.  I noticed from a few reviews online that people had trouble restarting the engine after running out of fuel.  We starved our unit of fuel a few times and it restarted every time.  Upon disconnecting the hose we did notice the pump was quite hot and a few times the relief valve opened while idling, it was 95 degrees outside.

During operation the unit stays firmly planted and does not walk.  This makes it perfect for decks and stairs.  Simple and thought out for the homeowner, HomeLite engineered a good unit and by adding the reliability of a Honda engine  makes it one of the best homeowner pressure washers on the market.  The pressure washer is covered by a 2 year warranty.  Remember, as with any pressure washer ALWAYS make sure you have the water on and running to the machine before you start it.



  1. Hellow thankx for all the hard work your company did to served us but just want to know how can i buy a water pump for my pressure washer honda 3100 and i am from Tonga so i need to know a email so i can email your company and also ask for the price of a honda 390 5000 but what i have now is honda 190 3100 and i need to know about the part for my presure washer.
    The part i need is the water pump please thankyou

  2. How do I remove the tip to install large nozzle like a round disc type with rotating brushe?
    It is a great machine.


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