Milwaukee Tools – What’s in store – Part 3


Here is our third and final part of the Milwaukee event.  We have to say as usual, we always have fun at these events.  We get to see cool tools, talk with Milwaukee people and get to see some old friends.  Anyways, I am sure you want to see a couple more tools before we wrap this up.

Milwaukee M12 600 MCM Cable Cutter

What is so special about this tool?  Well it fits into tight spots and can provide a fair amount of cutting force.  In fact it puts out around 5,000 pounds of force for cutting.  This cuts a wide variety of wire products.  This is a very handy tool, but it seems it would be very useful for that guy who is taking down an elevator shaft with all the copper running through it.



Milwaukee M12 & M18 Press Tools

As you would expect, this tool is great for copper and steel connections.  Milwaukee utlizes an in line design with a one handed grip.  According to Milwaukee this delivers the highest accuracy of any other press tool on the market.  The tool is always montioring the press to ensure the highest quality connection.  While most tools need calibration every 10K uses, this one doesn’t need calibration until 40K presses.  The tool will even tell you when it needs calibrating.

Milwaukee Torpedo Levels

If you have been following Milwaukee hand tools, then you know one thing Milwaukee does well and that’s make a multi-purpose tool.  As you can see by the picture, this level does far more than just leveling.  This level reams, helps find pitch, digs and even helps level outlets and switches.  What’s that, you want one now?  Too bad you have to wait until Nov 2012.

















Okay you are probably wondering what the big disappointment was.  I have to say I was really excited and hoping Milwaukee would release a M12 Riveting tool.  Come on, how hard can that be?  Well maybe it is, I am not an engineer.  One cool tool would be a M12 riveting tool.  I am sure a lot of people would love to see this tool, well at least I would.  All the guys who install liners and more would love a tool like this, wouldn’t they?



  1. Running a maintenance is hard and having the ability to carry tools like these allow me to carry less tools and allow for a more productive job.


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