RevArc HD Ramps – Project Mule

Smooth Transition

“Loading a UTV into a pick up truck is sort of like landing on an aircraft carrier only without a cable to stop you. First you have to aim for the skinny ramps and pray that your wheels stay on them and they don’t slip out.  Then you have to punch it to get up that steep 45 degree incline then slam on the brakes as hard as you can to avoid slamming into the end of the truck bed.

Well, I scoured the net and found an aluminum ramp that solves all these issues and nothing else came close.  Its the Revarc HD ramps and they hold an insane 2100 lbs.  The RevArc ramps weigh in at 48 lbs, UTVs from 24-64” wide can fit on them.  They are 64″ wide, fold just shy of 22″ and are 90″  long.  The ramps are wide where it counts, the rungs grip well and have a raised side rails to help guide you up or down.  Another feature of the Ramps is they are arched to provide a smooth transition to the truck bed making the angle 29 degrees.  The end of the ramps have rubber caps that protect the finish of your tailgate and also provide grip so they not slide off.  The ramps fold and unfold easy via a middle hinge that also adds stability so one ramp will not slide out on you.  There is also a safety strap that attaches to your vehicle to prevent slide out. These ramps make loading and unloading safe and easy.  Since the ramps are an all in one unit, they are a tad bulkier than traditional ramps when lifting them around, but they easily  slide right in under the UTV for transport.

The construction of the ramps is top notch, the welds are clean and also have welded end caps to keep out dirt and add extra strength.  RevArc has a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.  I suppose you can use these with anything as long as it does not exceed the 2100 lb limit.  I really felt safe running up and down the ramps on the Mule, I had plenty of width and did not have to use as much power to climb the ramps due to the reduced angle.  My only concern was if Eric’s tailgate would hold up because he has a GMC truck not a Ford like real men drive!  Relax all you GMC lovers, that was just a joke.”



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