Paslode Cordless Framing Nailer – CF-325 Review


We love getting our hands on power tools and playing with them, but of course there are some we like a lot better such as nailers.  Operating a nailer is always fun, but operating a Paslode, well that just takes it to a whole another level.  Not too long ago we did a review on the Paslode Roofing Nailer, which rocked, so we were excited to give the CF-325 a test run.

Specifications of the Paslode Nailer

  • Height – 14.5″
  • Length 12″
  • Width – 4″
  • Weight – 7.5 lbs.
  • Nail Capacity – 48 Nails
  • Speed 2-3 nails per second sequential
  • Powered by – Fuel Cell and 6V battery
  • Nails per fuel cell – 1,100 – 1,1300 nails
  • Nails per battery Charge – 4,000
  • Nail Range – 2″ – 3 1/4″ Lenght, .1133″ to .131 shank Diameter
  • Cleaning Interval – 50,000 nails
  • Warranty 1 yr full warranty and 5 yr limited warranty


Paslode is owned by Illinos Tool Works or ITW which makes some serious construction tools.  Paslode was founded in 1935 for they have a long history of making quality nailers and fasteners and this nailer is no different.


The Cf325 is a framing nailer, so it is designed for serious shooting.  The overall fell of the tool, while a little top heavy, does have a nice feel to it.  Paslode has a nice grip built into this tool so even with gloves on you still have control over the tool.  On the side is a built in belt clip and can be easily adjusted to work on either side of the nailer, while left handers might have a little harder time.

A couple cool features we love about the tool is the tool less nail adjustment.  This feature is very easy to use and very accurate.  The nail angle of 30 degrees is nice as it gives the user better access to tighter spaces.  One thing we would like to see changed is the jam clearing system.  While we never did get this to jam, if you do get a jam, you have to use the included hex bit to clear it.  Not that it takes a long time to clear, but hey we have to complain about something on this nailer.


Operation & Handling

Operation of a nailer couldn’t be more easy.  When you first open the hard case that contains the nailers, everything is laid out very nice.  There is a place for two extra fuel cells, the battery, nailer, charger and everything has a place for itself.  The one thing we noticed when we pend the box was a nice big sticker that has a 800 support line.  Now we rarely ever call a manufacture, but its a nice piece of mind that if I have a question or problem, I am not spending 30 minutes on the Internet trying to find a phone number.  Also we are not one to read direction, unless we need some bathroom reading material, but the Paslode direction are actually useful.  They don’t just talk about the tool, but they give some pointers and real help.  The best thing was the quick reference guide that is included.  The reference guide is a single piece of paper with large color pictures, awesome, to help you get started from setting up the nailer, to taking the first shot.  On the reverse side it is a step by step on how to clean the nailer after firing 50,000 nailers, a nice bonus.  If I am going to learn or do something, I need pictures and easy to follow steps, thanks Paslode.

Operating the tool couldn’t be any easier.  Insert some nails, drop the fuel cell and battery in and your ready to putting up a fence, work on a ridgeline or anything your little heart desires.  The nose of the tool is great and is designed for toe nailing at any angle.




As we stated this has some serious power, even powerful enough to drive 3-1/4″ nails, not too bad.  The compact design allows the user to get this nailer between 16″ o.c. studs, joists and rafters which obviously is a plus since its a framing nailer.

One nice feature is you can pick up nails and fuel at all most any box store, so your never running around from place to place trying to find fuel when you run out.  Remember when you buy fuel to always check the date as they do expire.  You get a lot of shots per fuel cell with an average of 1,200 nails per cell.  Not bad for the price of a cell and the actual cost per nail.  Noted above the Paslode uses a 6V battery which is rechargeable.  Unfortunately it takes about two hours to charge the battery which we were disappointed in.  Now you will get 4,000 nails on avergae per charge which is more than enough time for a days worth of work, but sometimes we forget to charge the battery at night and now we might have downtime the next day.  An easy fix to this problem is just buying an extra battery.


Overall this is a great nailer.  With a name like Paslode, its hard to go wrong.  While we wish the battery charge time was quicker and accessing jams were easier, this does pack a powerful punch.  This is very easy to work with and has a great help system.  The directions are clear with lots of great information.  Weird, never thought I would actually say I like directions.  There is a schematic for easy to find parts.  We like the fact that right away when you open the case, there is a big sticker that has a support line 800 number.  Time after time this gun fired on all cylinders and shot nail after nail.  While the nailer is a little top heavy, but all are, it still has great balance and very easy to maneuver.  If your looking for a framing nailer, you have to take a look at the Paslode nailer, it won’t disappoint you.

We always like to hear back from our readers on their experience with these tools – good or bad.  Do you have experience with these tools?  How has the long term use been?  What applications have you used the tool for?  Is this a DIY or professional grade tool?  Let us and other readers know.


  1. I have been using paslode for years and they prove time and time again that they hold up. I have gone with cheaper nail guns in the past only to regret my buy. Nice review.

  2. i have been building for over 27 years and i have used these two products for a while now and i truely enjoy them it makes my work much easier i wished i could afford enough for my 5 man crew but i cant but oh well im getting it done


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