Steinel Ultimate Butane Kit – Review

Do you want to unleash that secret pyromania in you?  This is the tool for you, its the STEINEL Ultimate Butane Kit.  This kit has a variety of uses.  You can solder, desolder, thaw frozen locks, install connectors, shrink tubing, brazing, cutting, burn down the house and the list goes on.  It all comes in a nice silver case and it even comes with 2 fuel canisters.  You are ready to work right away, we will be using this kit a lot in the Mule project when we wire all the lights and switches.  The included lighter is has a blue led that illuminates from the base when lit, this is kind of cool.  Make no mistake this is a high quality industrial kit that will allow you to complete every task you can possibly imagine.


  • TT 175 Torch (Adjustable Air and Flame)
  • TT 30 Mini Torch (Waterproof Ignition)
  • TS 550 Soldering Iron (Auto ignition and 30-125W power range)
  • TS 21 Conical Tip (Installed)
  • TH 310 Flameless Catalytic Tip
  • TS 20 Deflector
  • TS 25 Hot Knife
  • TS 23 Chisel
  • TS 27 Heat Blower
  • TS 29 Spare Orifice
  • Hands Free Stand
  • Tip Cleaning Sponge
  • Soldering Dispenser
  • Shrink Tube Assortment
  • 2 – 1 ounce Butane Canisters
  • Silver Case


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