Power Tool Mother’s Day Gifts


Mother’s Day is right around the corner and its time to pony up some money to let mom know just how much you care.  Now if you want to be traditional, you can go the card and flower route, but you also have other options that might be of interest to her such as power tools.  What mother doesn’t love power tools, right?  Now she may not love the 18V reciprocating saw or a hammer drill, but there are plenty of tools that might be right up her alley.  The key to picking the right power tool for your mom is knowing what she loves to do or even not do such as hanging pictures or fixing the leaky sink.  If you know what she likes to do, picking the right tool is a lot easier.  Here are a couple of items that could be useful for most mothers and practical for hobbies or even small jobs around the house.


M12 Combo kit

The Milwaukee M12 is manufactured by Milwaukee tools and is one of the largest lines of 12V around.  Now she may not need all the tools in this line, but they do offer some great tools that might be useful for hobbies, crafts and home repairs.  The tools are very lightweight and easy to handle, plus lots of power for most projects.  A couple tools to note in the M12 line up are the drill.  The M12 drill is a 3/8” drill and offers two speeds.  The M12 Hackzall is another great tool to have around the house.  The Hackzall is a small reciprocating saw that will let her get in tight spaces and more.  The flashlight is another add-on to the line up that mom will definitely use.  The light is pretty bright and works great.  One item she will sure eat up is the power port.  This will allow here to take the M12 power anywhere so she can get power to plug in her iPod, cell phone or even computer.


Dremel has been around for a long time and they have proven to be an optimal tool for a variety of applications.  Dremel offers both a cordless and corded version depending upon what she will be using this tool for.  One great thing about Dremel is all the accessories available.  They have a bit for almost any project around.  Anything from tile to sanding and everything in between.  The small little tools have a lot of power and speed to rip through even the hardest crafts and more.


Rockwell SoniCrafter

By know with all the advertising you should have heard about the Rockwell Sonicrafter.  This is a tool that uses vibration to make cuts and more.  Rockwell offers a couple different kits, but one kit we would recommend is the 72 piece model number RK5102K.  This basically has any accessory for any job.  Great thing about this tool, is mom will stay safe and get the job done.

Again these are just a couple ideas mom might like.  If you take some time and learn what she loves to do, you are sure to find a power tool that she will utilize in most cases.  She is sure to think of you every time she picks up that power tool to do some work.

Don’t forget to give her a card and a kiss.


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