Pocket Power – ARI810 3/8″ 8V impact wrench – Review


Have you opened the hood on a modern car lately?  Well if you haven’t you’re in for a surprise, it’s not like in the 70s where you had a huge engine bay and can access any component with ease.  Today’s cars are engineered to make use of the tightest spaces, sometimes your hands won’t even get in there, let alone an impact driver.  Well ACDelco has created a new class of tools with the new 8V line up.  It is  designed to get power into the tightest of areas.

First we told you about the ARI847L, now the ARI810 impact wrench has joined the line.  The tool is compact and has 12V like power in a slighter smaller compact design.  Our scale weighed the impact in at 1.85 lbs with the battery, which is just shy of most 12V tools.  We received a bare tool so It did not come with a battery or charger.  On the front is a trigger activated momentary LED light which does an adequate job of lighting up the work area.  So what kind of power does the ARI810 lay out?  Well it has a whopping 75 ft-lbs of tightening torque and 113 ft-lbs of reversing torque.  That is crazy 12V talk!  The 8V batteries can recharge in 15-20 minutes, getting you back to work fast.

Overall, this a great tool that will lay down some serious power even in the tightest of spaces.  It has a one year warranty, check out ACDelco.



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