Bosch Workwear – Better than first thought


Yesterday I ranted about the Bosch fashion video and how it completely disconnected me from the product.  Well today I did some research and found out that I actually like them.  The clothes are modern and look like they have a lot of innovative features.  One thing I didn’t see is a High Visibility option.  As Jay from CopTool commented  “don’t hold your breath there is no way we will see it here anytime soon.”  Availability looks to be in the U.K. for now.  More Info (Via Bosch)



  1. This is the first i’ve heard of Bosch workwear. i actually like what i see from those pictures, but i am pretty surprised they do not have the high visibility stuff. But then again, not everyone wants to be walking around glowing like the sun everywhere haha. i think they could maybe integrate velcro strips of high vis and have them tuck into a hidden pocket so you can quickly apply them for added safety. Just an idea. maybe i’m on to something there haha…

  2. yes, it is very important to add velcro hiding in the pockest or you money and you phone will be not safe.
    and Hign visibility yellow and orange workwear and coverall are also necessary safety for workers.


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