Bosch Multi-Tool Blades 30% longer life


We can’t always agree on everything in this world, but one thing we can agree on is that Oscillating blades suck.  Well we shouldn’t say suck because they are great for a wide variety of projects, but they never last.  Also it’s not like they are cheap to replace.  Bosch is going to help take care of this little problem by increasing the life of oscillating blades, by 30%, over conventional blades.

We all know heat kills blades.  With the new Bosch blades, the heat is spread out over the blade allowing it to cool quicker and not run as hot.  What is new?  Well there is a Titanium coating on the half moon blades and the 3max tear drop shaped carbide blade.

The Bosch 3Max Tungsten carbide blade combines a rasp and carbide blade that can cut grout and remove thinset.  So no more switching between blades, one blade will solve this problem.

Tired of wasting money?  This sounds like a great solution to us.

Don’t have a Bosch Oscillating tool?  Not sure why you don’t, but you can always buy an adapter so these blades work on your tool.


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