Pneupower Recoiler Portable Air Hose


Let’s face it air hoses blow! Literally lol.  They are a pain in the rear to roll up and store, they always tend to unravel.  Pneupower has come up with an air hose in a case that removes most of the hassles associated with a conventional air hose. It is a completely portable solution that incorporates a 100′ flexible air hose into a thin container with a hand crank to wind it up. From first hand experience with this product, it saves time.  An unbelievable amount of time if you add up how long it takes you to roll a 100′ hose.

When Pneupower first contacted us I was a bit skeptical and it looked sort of gimmicky.  However when I started using the Recoiler I wondered how I ever did without one.  Finally an air hose that is quick and easy to stow! Basically it is a wind-able case that holds a polyurethane double walled cold air hose that is kink and tangle resistant.  It has a 5ft leader hose to connect to your compressor.  It would have been nice to see a better stow option for the leader hose as it tends to hang off.  The unit is light as well as portable. Our 1/4″X 100″ version weighed only 9 lbs.  The case itself is made out of a Lexan composite which makes it pretty tough and able to take some falls. The hose has a 250 psi working pressure and an 850 psi burst pressure. Even on cold days the hose remains flexible.

It does not come with MNPT fittings.  You have to supply your own but hey some of us like to use our own nice brass connectors anyway.  If you damage the hose it is replaceable. Overall this is an innovative addition to the Pneumatic industry.  It is designed for the Pro that regularly uses air and knows that time is money.  Check out Pneupower.


  1. This looks great and would get rid of a couple of “milk crates” with hoses in them that are always in the way in my garage. I like the suggestion of a small compartment for fittings, but mounting brackets would be nice as well.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. That is indeed a handy tool and would make clean-up at the end of the day that much quicker (read that as organized).
    I did check out their site and guess whose video is one the main page… that’s right… The Dan and Eric Show.


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