Dewalt Job Site Table Saw Review DWE 7491


Awhile back we reviewed the Dewalt Job Site Table Saw (DW744XRS) and the Bosch Work Site Table Saw (4100-09).  While we have reviewed other table saws, so far these have been our favorites and top picks.  Dan has been using the Dewalt and I have been using the Bosch.  I have to say I really do love the Bosch.  I have put this thing through a lot, even doing a lot of cutting with dull blades.  The Bosch gravity stand is awesome and the saw is very tough.  However Dewalt introduced a new saw, a 10″ saw model DWE 7491.  So we wanted to introduce you to this saw and see what it has to offer.


It is my understanding that the DWE 7491 is going to replace the DW744XRS.  By looking at the saw you will notice a change on the outside.  First, the sides and back of the saw have been removed, so it’s not closed anymore.  The main reason for this is the on-board storage system, which is top notch.  I love how everything has a place and doesn’t stick out.  It’s all tucked up under the tool so when you’re throwing this on your truck or hauling it around, the accessories won’t get caught up and break.  Another big difference, at least for me is the stand.  This saw does come with a nice stand and is very easy to set up and take down.  However once the saw is on the stand, it pretty much stays in place, which is good.  Well until you want to put it on the back of your truck.  With the DW744, you could hit two buttons and the saw would easily come off the stand.  That way you could load the saw on your truck, then put the stand in your truck.  This was good for two reasons.  First, it was much easier for wimps like me to be able to load into the truck.  Another positive about the other stand is if you have a bed cover.  The old system would fit nicely under the cover.  While with the new system, it might fit under some covers, but it didn’t with the one we tried.  The new stand is very nice.  It provides a lot of support, doesn’t wobble and is easy to set up and take down.  Okay enough whining about my girly arms and trying to lift saws, let’s look at what this saw has to offer.

Dewalt Table Saw 12There is a lot to love about this saw, but two things that really stand out for me besides the on-board storage system is the rip and arbor (5/8″).  There are plenty of times I have cut a sheet of plywood with a table saw and it’s not always easy because of support.  With the new Dewalt you can rip up to 32-1/2″ on the right side of the blade.  This is a very nice addition to the saw.  Another thing I like is the arbor.  While I don’t use Dado blades much, it’s nice to have the option.  On the older saw, you could only set up a Dado blade for smaller trench cuts. With this new saw you can use a Dado blade up to 13/16″.  Again it’s just nice to have the option.  For power, Dewalt equipped this with a 15 amp motor that has 4800 RPM.

Dewalt implemented the Rack & Pinion telescoping fence which is a nice set up.  I found this very easy to use and could make adjustments very fast. The system is very smooth and accurate.  Dewalt also has a flip over ripping fence which allows the user to make narrow rip cuts.

A couple other cool features I like is with the safety features.  First, the push stick is located on the back side of the fence where you can easily access it.  Now you should always have one ready when needed, but most manufacturers locate the push stick on the back side or underneath. Having it on the back side of the rip fence is nice, so you can easily access it when needed.  Also, inserting the guard system is very easy.  Just pull a tab on the left side of the saw, insert and lock down.  Yes it’s that easy.  One thing I am still trying to figure out is the dust port on the top.  Dewalt still has the main dust port below, but as you can see there is one on top.  I guess if you’re in a shop and you have a hose coming from up top, it would be good. But on the job, it’s pretty much useless as the hose would just get in the way of cuts.  I guess it is one of those things where it can be tailored to more than one type of user which is good.

Some other stats you might want to know is the table is  21-7/8″ X 26 – 3/8″ and 3-1/8″ depth of cut at 90 and 2-1/4″ at 45.

I can’t say I have as much experience with this saw as I do with the Bosch, but I have used this for some projects and it’s very nice.  The stand is sturdy, the motor is powerful even to cut through hard woods.  I know I complained about lifting it on the truck.  Don’t get me wrong, you can still set one end on the back of the gate and then lift it in, I just really like the other stand.  All in all this is a great saw.  The capacity of bigger cuts is great and the Rack & Pinion system is one of the best around.


Overall I love this table saw.  I love how you can run larger material through this saw and have greater support on the right side of the blade.  The Rack & Pinion system is also top notch.  It allows the user to easily set up the saw for accurate cuts.  While I like the stand, I really like the older style design where I can remove the table saw from the stand easily for transporting purposes.  While this saw is not very heavy (90 lbs.), it is bulky enough to make it difficult for one person to lift up and put in the back of your truck.  With that aside, Dewalt built a great table saw that anyone would be proud to own.




  1. Really thorough review Eric. After reading this and watching the video again I LOVE that table saw. Everything about it, wide rip, openness (so you can clean it out), the stand. I really want that saw. Thanks a lot.

  2. That’s really cool and innovative, something to consider getting, jobsite saws seem very useful, another great product from dewalt.

  3. That is a good looking saw. One thing I noticed on Dewalt’s website is how one man can get it into the back of a truck. Even wimpy arms Eric can do it. On the stand, by the pull handle, the frame acts like a skid pad. When you wheel the saw to the bed of your truck, lean it against the tailgate and then lift the saw down by the wheels and push the whole thing into the bed on the the skid plates. My DW744 always gets stuck between the the tailgate and bed threshold. It is this kind of attention to detail that keeps me coming back to Dewalt.

  4. Thanks for the review. I had bought one yesterday at Fleet farm with 10% off so 600$
    the dado specifics you provided were not clear till your video. so that was a relief to know it could take a full 3/4 (15/16) in dado set. Now to get one. Would like a metal plate too, perhaps you could reference what you found in that metal type plate. Thanks nice job you two. Especially nice touch to make the vid on a cooler looking day, as many jobsite days are.


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