Keter 17182239 Folding Work Table Review


I don’t care who you are, having a portable work station is a must.  Okay well not everyone.  The guy who only works in his shop, I guess you really don’t need one, but for everyone else a portable work station is nice.  For me, I just use a piece of plywood and two saw horses. The plus is it’s very sturdy and it is a large work area.  The downside, I am hauling around plywood and messing with the weight of 3/4″ plywood.  Now if I am leaving the station up all day, no big deal.  However there are plenty of times I don’t need to create a work space that big.  That’s where a portable work station would be great.  Problem is I couldn’t find a really good solution.  I was at Costco a while back and saw the Keter Folding Work Table and thought this one might look interesting, so we reached out and gave it a try.  So let me jump in and let’s talk about this table.

Hauling around a work table from location to location can be a pain.  You need something light enough to carry, but strong enough to support your work.  You need something small enough to store, but big enough to actually use when needed.  Well the Keter fits both of those objectives. The table is made from a resin base plastic, so it’s light weighing only 26 lbs. However when you open the table up, the design allows the table to support up to 1,000 lbs.  As for portability, this table folds up flat making it very easy to store and transport.  Folding to about 4″ in width.  When the table is open it has a table top of 21.65″ wide and 33.46″ in length and stands 29.7″ tall.

This work station has three cool features that I want to cover.  First, is the ease of setting up and taking the table down, it really can’t be any easier. Well I guess if you had someone else set it up, it would be easier.  Just push two buttons on the side, and it opens up and you’re ready to go to work.  The second item is the clamping system.  The bench comes with two clamps that you can clamp your work down vertically or horizontal. Which makes it ideal for sanding, painting or cutting projects.  The last item is the shelf below the table.  Not that you will store all your tools on this shelf, but you can store little items that you don’t need right now, but you will for your project.  That way they are always in reach.

Now I have to say I do really like this table and think Keter has a great thing going with this work station, but as always there is room for improvement that can make this a top tier work station.  However I understand their market with this station and I know making these changes for future generations would raise the cost, but these are just a couple ideas.  First, I would love to see the option of legs that could adjust the height. Sometimes, well most of the time the ground isn’t always flat.  It would be great to have the option of extending a leg or two in these situations.  The table is a little wobbly, but not too bad. Another nice feature would be to have the table expand.  So when you open the table up, you have the option of folding up another section to give you a larger work space.  I know this would lower the overall weight the table could handle, but it would be nice to have that option.


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Overall I think this is a great buy.  Quick and easy to open, strong and practical.  The clamps are a nice touch to help with your work.  Bottom line I am surprised at the quality of this table for the price, it’s a great value for anyone looking for a portable work solution.  With the table folding up so small, you can easily store it in the smallest of garages.




  1. Nice review Eric i saw a husky verson at home depot for 68$ looks cool just wish it had a aluminium top for welding but for that price its a no brainer !!

  2. I was actually wondering about this table – whether it was worthy of a purchase or not. I am still on the fence on this one, but thanks for the review. It is definitely a good option for a lightweight, easily portable work table of sorts

  3. Awesome review guys. I saw a review onTV a couple of days ago on “I want that” for this. It actually does look like a pretty slick station. The clamps look like they are pretty decent too.

  4. Raising the centre support with the carrying handle until the yellow locking mechanism shows sounds simple and easy, but I can’t get it to lock. Is there a knack to it?

  5. I placed my lawnmower in top of table for repairs.
    Came back and table was in pieces and lawnmower on the ground.
    Lawnmower weighed less than 80lbs
    What kind of warranty do these have

  6. This is a good and very handy table. It would be more ideal if the metal legs extended to make it taller for applications such as an extension to a small table saw or a taller person.


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