Milwaukee Heated Hoodie


In a recent trip to Las Vegas for STAFDA we were able to score a few Milwaukee heated hoodies.  Milwaukee Tool is the leader in the tool industry when it comes to innovation.  They had the M12 heated jacket way before any other tool company even thought about it!  They since then have added new jackets like the Camo, High-Vis and even a jacket for the ladies to support breast cancer awareness.  Innovations such as being able to be powered by a M12 battery and a USB charge port are all Milwaukee’s doing. They now even have heated pockets.

While I loved my heated jacket there was always one issue.  I never wanted to wear it while I worked because it was not machine washable and I did not want to get it dirty.  Now with the new heated hoodies that are machine washable I finally can get them dirty.  Also, with it being a hoodie I can wear it under a heavier jacket if need be.  It operates like most other M12 heated accessories.  It has 3 heat zones and 3 heat seatings including a pre-heat mode.  The settings are activated with the switch on the upper left chest and are color coded. Red for high, white for medium and blue for low.  The unit can only be powered by a 1.5 or 2.0 red lithium battery as the pocket restricts the size.  The battery is in the back left and can get in the way sometimes.  It also makes battery changes a bit awkward with the hoodie on.

Like I said in the video, even if there was no heat this is an awesome hoodie.  I love the way the Milwaukee logo is slanted across the front.  I am a true tool brand fan and proud to wear it.  It has a tough aggressive look. Other than the heat it is a quality piece of apparel.  Since this is a hoodie it will not protect you from wind and rain.  The inside lining is breathable.  The hoodie is about as comfortable as being in your pajamas under the blankets.  Well maybe not that comfortable but I really like it.  Run time is as to be expected 1.5 – 2 hours on high and up to six hours using the other settings.  You can always use the 12V DC plug adapter if you want infinite run time.  The heating element is made from carbon fiber to take the abuse of the job site.  A 1 year warranty covers the garment from any manufacturer defects.


To wrap it up, the company that started the fad is still the market leader for innovation and styles available in the heated gear segment.  The hoodie comes in bare and kit form for those of you who also need a battery. The color choices are Red, Grey, Khaki and High-Vis.  I think my next heated hoodie will be the High Vis, it looks awesome!  Milwaukee even made the lower half black so when you put your hands in your pockets or lean up against things you can’t see the dirt.  That’s innovation.


  1. I got myself a red heated hoodie a few weeks ago and am impressed with how warm it is, even without the heat, but I’m finding the heat to be less noticeable than I expected. I agree with Dan – I’d like to see heated arms (maybe I have girly arms too, to go with the girly hands that prefer the ergonomics of DeWalt’s 12V Max tools?).

    Like Eric, I’m also disappointed that the power source included with the hoodie doesn’t include a battery gauge. (The one with the jacket includes a battery gauge and USB port.) With a $50 retail price difference between the hoodie and the jacket, I expected the hoodie to include the same power source.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  2. I am really liking the hoodie. I get way to dirty at work to not have something that is machine washable. So when I saw I could wash this like normal clothes I was on it..


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