2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Him


Okay, I am going to give you a great piece of advice and this little trick will allow you to get any tool, toy or gadget you want.  Is it deceptive?  Heck yes, but that’s okay.  Let’s say you want something this year, but you know there is no chance your wife will get it for you.  Here is the trick.  Turn it around like you need it for something good.  Next time you’re with her, just point out something in the house that needs to be fixed.  Make sure it’s something very simple and won’t take more than a 1/2 hour.  After all we can’t work too hard and need time for the big games on TV.  Again, pick something easy like replacing a cover to a light switch.  Make it a point to walk by the plate when you are with her and let her know you have been wanting to replace that cover for a long time and it’s really bothering you.  Then look really hard at the plate and just say, “Wow that will be a really big job and I wish I had all the tools to do that.  If I only had a _____ .” That’s the point when you say well if I had a Dewalt Miter saw for the shims, a Milwaukee M18 to loosen the screws, A Bosch wall scanner because there is electric and a Paslode nailer in case the screws don’t hold.  Trust me, don’t worry that it doesn’t make any sense.  She will be so happy to get you off the couch and actually do any work, she will get you the tools.

Now the one downside to this is it can back fire, like it did with me.  If I knew about this secret when I was younger it would have worked, but my wife knows me and doesn’t buy into my crap.  A while back I pulled the same scam.  When I got done listing all the tools I needed to make sure a picture was level, she said great and knew what to get me.  Then she said, “when you’re done with the picture frame, you can use the tools to build a shed for the all the kids toys.”  I tried to back peddle and say the picture frame was too heavy and should be left to a professional, but it was too late, I had the tools and was stuck building a shed for the next couple of weekends.

We listed a couple of cool things you can ask for this holiday season.  At least things we would like:

These are just a couple of cool ideas we thought of.  We could really make this list huge, but wanted to get you started in the right direction.


  1. Funny Funny!!!! Great article! I Didn’t realize I have been doing that to my wife for years. Just thought I needed this certain tool to get the job done right. Loved the Beer of the month club.


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