DeWALT DCS355D1 20V Max Brushless Multi-Tool – Review


Multi-tools have been around for a while and it’s no secret that DeWALT was one of the last players to the game.  I can see why they were so late, they have basically changed the entire way you operate the tool.  Basically most Multi-Tools have an on/off switch and a rotary dial.  The DeWALT Multi-Tool has a paddle trigger that controls the variable speed and a handle that looks like it should be on a drill rather than a Multi-Tool.  There is a downside to this that if you want constant speed below full speed you will have to hold the trigger in that position.  The trigger does lock but only at full speed for applications like sanding and extended cutting.

The tool weighs in at 3.2 lbs which is fairly light for an 18/20V Multi-Tool. Having a 2.0 Ah Slim XR battery helps keep the weight down.  The battery also has the 3 green LED fuel status gauge.  DeWALT really flexed their industrial design muscles with this tool.  The curves are sleek with rubber over-mold covering most of the tool.  This helps prevent marking up a surface and aids in comfort.  The balance and comfort level is great!  The grip resembles the same grip that they use on their drills.  This grip alone makes it the most comfortable one-handed Multi-Tool around.  I don’t know that DeWALT recommends using this tool for one-handed operation but hey sometimes you have to reach out and get the job finished even if only one hand is available.  For dark situations an LED on the front leads the way.

The DCS355 produces up to 20,000 oscillations per minute at an oscillation angle of 1.6 degrees which is enough to get most any job done.  A brushless motor means more run time.  The trigger adds precise control, I like this feature but I think some hardcore Multi-Tool users might not like it and stay with the old school on/off and power dial way.  The “QUICK-CHANGE” accessory change is the fastest in the industry and can save massive amounts of time especially if you frequently change accessories or blade angles.  The down side to this is that to attain this feature you have to use with DeWALT or Porter Cable accessories.  You can use almost any other brands accessories with the included hex screw which allows you to attach an accessory by screwing it down.  So for speedy changes you have to use DeWALT or Porter Cable accessories.  The DCS355D1 comes with a 28 piece accessory kit which includes 2 blades and a nice plastic case.

The tool worked very well for us.  As with any Multi-Tool you want the tool to do the work and this tool has the power and comfort to produce great results.  So now you are thinking WOW this tool is made for precise control!  Yet you have not even seen the tool guide.  Basically it adjusts for blade depth, this is great for long or a lot of uniform cuts.  At the end of the guide there is a wheel that rolls across the work surface.  The guide bracket can be easily removed via 2 allen screws when you don’t need it. This tool is covered by a 3 year warranty from DeWALT.  Personally I think this is one of the best Multi-Tools on the market to date.



  1. Hello Dan/Eric, Been watching/reading your reviews for about 1.1/2yr and always look forward to seeing them even if it is an item I would be unlikely to buy, always entertaining/funny keep up the good work. Like Eric’s dry humour that I think Dan sometimes misses at the time of filming – he’s to busy on doing all the talking! Hope to get one of these Dewalt multi tools and thought I’d share an unusual use – trimming spurs on chickens (ie Cocks – there’s a joke somewhere there but it would bring tears to your eyes). Using this tool would be less stressful being quicker than using a fine handsaw (I have to hold the bird as well at the same time), with the hand on/off trigger it would be safer as well compared to Bosch etc.
    Have a question for you Dan I live in Uk and as you know this Dewalt line here is called 18v XR. If I imported a 20V max labeled set from US would the 20V battery charge in a Uk 18V charger alright? ie is there any chip in the battery that would prevent this etc. I am assuming the 2 batteries are just exactly the same apart from the labelling, is that correct?
    Keep making me laugh Dan/Eric.
    Hint for new reviews next year Makita 36v mower/ 36v split shaft long reach hedge trimmer/bush cutter etc.

    • Hi Ed,

      Thanks! Interesting and funny use of the tool but you are right it would probably work out well. As for the conversion I am pretty sure they are the same battery packs and would be ok on the charger. HOWEVER – That is not recommended will void you warranty and could possibly damage your battery, charger, tool or even blow up your house. But if you are a risk taker I think it might work and if it doesn’t you could take a U.S. charger and just get a UK adapter for it. That would probably be the safest route.

  2. This thing is awesome!!! I took it for a test drive at Lowes by the house. To bad it came out to late for me. I got the Ridgid tool (with replaceable heads) a few years back for some demo & finish work at my brothers new home. I’ve been happy with it, but I sure wish that I could think of an excuse to buy this new one. I’m not as rich as Dan & Eric 🙂

  3. the arbor type on the quick change is universal not specific to dewalt , you can use multi tool blades that even walmart sells or any blade brand provided the key way looks the same


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