2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Her


This is the time of year I love the most, but at the same time it’s one I struggle with.  Mainly because I have no idea what to get my wife.  So this year I decided to come up with a couple ideas and also see what other people are giving their wives.  That way I can steal one of their ideas and just call it my own.

Now if you have no idea of what to get her, just make sure it’s something great like a new vacuum, dish cloths or pots and pans.  That is truly the best gift you can give your wife, well if you like sleeping on the couch.  Okay, here are a couple ideas and best of all, some of them are free.  We all like coupons, so here are a couple ideas.

  • A one way ticket to Europe (Doesn’t matter where, just the cheapest place).  Actually I stole that one from my wife.  That was going to be her gift to me last year, but she decided not to because that was to mean to the people of Europe.
  • Make a coupon that says “30 seconds of pause time during the game without you complaining of her talking to you while the game is on.”  Just make sure she can’t photocopy it.  You might have to put a hologram in that one.
  • A coupon where you will actually pay attention to one of her stories about her co-worker, you will even pretend to care.  Again make sure she can’t photocopy it.
  • A coupon that says, “I care how I look and I will get in shape by working out.”  In the fine print (Font 1) make sure it says you will do one push up per year for the rest of your life.
  • A coupon that says you will no longer hang out with your friends and put your friends first.  She will always come first.  Again use the fine print that says Valid on July 15, 2014 between 4:15 and 4:16 AM.
  • Here is another good use of a coupon.  One free time where you will clean the entire house while she goes out shopping.  There are two keys to this one.  First, is the fine print that says she can only spend $15.  The other key is to come up with something you can bust your kids for and have their punishment to clean the entire house. Timing is critical on this one.  If she schedules a day, you will have to watch your kids like hawks.  If your kids are good and don’t do anything wrong, then you will have to bust them for drinking too much milk.

If you don’t like any of these suggestions, here are a couple that cost some money, but they are easy because they will be shipped to your door.


  1. That was great. Made my day, and all I have to do is use photoshop and make the coupons look legit and I’m golden. All done with Christmas shopping.


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