Husqvarna 125BVx Blower / Vacuum – Review


Portable blowers come in many shapes and sizes.  They can be powered by either gas or batteries.  Battery powered units work great for indoor applications but you cannot beat the run time of a gas powered unit. Husqvarna is well known in the Lawn and Garden industry as producing great quality blowers like the 570BTS backpack blower that we reviewed last year.  The 125BVx is an entry level handheld blower for the home owner that produces up to 170 MPH at around 470CFM from a 28cc 1.1 HP two stroke engine.  The unit weighs in at 9.6 lbs and has an inline tube blower design that eliminates any rotational force while using the unit.


Starting instructions are posted right on the unit and if you follow them it starts right away. We had no issues starting the unit and ran probably about 12 or so tanks though the machine. Depending on the application we got anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes of run time on one tank of gas.  The tank holds just shy of 17 Fluid ounces of fuel. It includes a bottle of 2 stroke oil to add to a gallon of fuel to make up a 50:1 ratio.  Our unit came with the vac accessories that allows you to easily suck up leaves.  There is a metal cutter on the fan that compacts the material to a 16:1 ratio and the bag has a 17 gallon capacity.  In our tests it worked well on leaves.  Some blowers can be a pain to convert over to vac mode. This unit was relatively simple, everything pretty much twists locks into place.  The only exception is the intake door which you can use the included screwdriver to open.

It comes with both a round and a flare nozzle that will give you more powerful directed air.  The cruise control works great for those extended runs. We also liked that there was minimal vibration transferred to the operator when using it.  Also, on the handle is an engine kill switch with a protective dust cover.  As with all gas powered equipment you need to always use fresh fuel and drain the unit for extended storage periods. Spark plug and air filter access is simple.  Overall you can’t go wrong with this blower.  It is one of the top handheld blowers in it’s class.  Husqvarna backs this with a 2 year warranty.  Check out


  1. nice that it takes 50.1 ratio oil to gas.
    that way can use same mixture of stihl ultra .for blower, weedeater,chainsaw..going to buy one ..nice
    review Dan…think this one be just good as stihl
    blower and save me ton of money to.cheers


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