New Klein Tools Combo Tip Drivers

combo screwdriver bit

You know those screws that most electrical fittings use that have both a slotted and Phillips head? You now you have a better fit option for them from Klein.  This is not an entirely new idea as Milwaukee Tool has had their combo ECX bit out for a while.  But now you can get bit with American made Klein quality.  The 1/4″ hex bits fit any shank but are available in Klein’s Fixed-Blade Screwdrivers, Impact Rated Power Drivers and the 11-in-1 Screwdriver.  These new tips are going to give you greater leverage over previous flat and Phillips screwdrivers.  For more visit Klein Tools.


  1. These are bound to be better than Milwaukee’s ECX bit. While I appreciated the innovation by Milwaukee, I just found that the bits fit kind of poorly on fasteners out in the field. I’ll definitely be trying these.

  2. Ryan–Good to know. However, are those bits designed for US screws or European? Slight differences in the size of the fastener or the bit might make them fit too loosely, or the bits too large for the fastener you’re working on. Have you personally used them, or are you just aware they have been around? Thanks.


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