Member Skills: Milwaukee Fuel Poker Table


Promotional items are cool, but what do you do when you’re shop or “mancave” calls for something not available for purchase?

TIA Member Comp56 took his love of Milwaukee and his skills for building poker tables and created something so unique, even Milwaukee doesn’t have one.

This poker table isn’t some run of the mill DIY creation either. This full 60″ round table employs a seamless 6″ raised padded rail, and 105 lbs. of high density foam. The playing surface employs casino quality water and stain resistant gaming suede over 1/4″ high density foam and seats up to 8 players comfortably. The Milwaukee logo at center is dye printed as well, so it isn’t going anywhere.

Milwaukee Poker Table 1

Obviously this isn’t Comp’s first table. He’s built a bunch of them and it’s evident through his attention to detail. Check out the 3″ white lacquer rubbed racetrack with 4 coats of poly for added durability.

Milwaukee Table 2


For more details on this project, or to check out any of our other great projects, check out the TIA Forums. Don’t be shy either. Sign up, and join in the conversation. We have guys in high school, professional contractors, journeyman electricians, and everyone in between. There’s really something for everyone.

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