DeWALT DCF889HM2 Impact Wrench – More Power


The lackluster DeWALT DCF889 just got an upgrade with 100 more ft. lbs. of torque.  The DCF889HM2 is now available at The Home Depot.  DeWALT didn’t stop there they also increased the IPM to 2300 and the RPMs to 1500.  Still not industry leading power but this tool is good for most jobs including driving lags. Not too much is know yet about this tool but we will keep you posted.DCF889HM2_F2_500X500-2 DCF889HM2_A3_500X500 DCF889HM2_1_500X500


Check out this Russian using it.


  1. This TIA Russia? I picked this updated wrench a 6 months ago and I like it, again it’s not class leading but if you have a the 20v line like myself it’s a good addition.

  2. Does DeWalt live in a bubble? Why release such a mediocre product when the whole industry is leaving you behind? Are they counting on those invested in their battery platform to drive their bottom line forever?

  3. I wish I spoke Russian. What I think impresses me the most is actually how well the little guy kept up. You’d think it would have been beat by a mile, but it really stayed pretty close. If you are doing alot of lags clearly you’d want it. Wonder how many big lags you’d get out of a battery. What point is it better to just go air if doing alot. Now for lug nuts and daily stuff this thing is probably a monster and will blast right thru it all.

  4. I’ve almost bought this updated version a couple times. I must admit, it in no way is as good spec wise as the mac 20v the ir or the Milwaukee fuel version. I am glad to see an update, however, I wish they would have taken a page out of the Mac playbook.

  5. Corporate Overlords decided (rightly I suspect) that reskinning the Mac impact for DeWalt would undercut their Mac dealers way too much. Take a look at the prices of the Mac tools. Keeping the Mac impact exclusive allows the dealer to still make a profit, while the attraction of shared batteries will help sell the tool.

  6. Doesn’t the Mac tools use the dewalt battery pack? I read it did, maybe not but if it did then dewalt users could just by the Mac tool and use their dewalt batteries no? It would be cool if they could!


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