Hammerhead Laser Distance Measurer – HLMT100


Hammerhead was just the name of a tool or so we thought.  It is actually a brand of tools and they have released their second tool the HLMT100.  I have to say it is one of my favorite laser distance measurers to date.  Why?  Because it looks cool lol.  Actually it is more than just cool looking.  It is rugged and surrounded by rubber overloaded grip. this helps protect the unit and gives you a good grip.  The black LCD screen with white letters has a good contrast and is easy to see in most situations.

The unit is a simple 2 button design and it allows you to measure, figure area and have a constant reading.  The buttons are tactile and rubber-covered for a good feel.  I actually like this better than the Stanley TLM65 that we recently reviewed.  The Hammerhead measures up to 100′ with an accuracy of 1/8″ which is not bad at all.  The unit has an internal battery that is charged by any USB port or the included USB charger.  This is a great feature because who really needs another charger to lose?  When you do lose it you can just use any device with USB.

The unit has a 3 year warranty.  So far we think this a great little unit and will make anyone happy this holiday season as a gift.  Check out the Hammerhead HLMT100 via Amazon



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