New Hilti Nuron Power Tools Coming in 2024


Hilti has grown from a small, family-owned business in Switzerland to a global leader in trusted professional power tools and equipment. No, this wasn’t an overnight success. Hilti got here with products made with the end user in mind, built by engineers who anticipated and obsessed over the common problems faced by skilled trade professionals, and then solved them. The result is new Hilti power tools, equipment and technology that raises the standards for the construction industry, year after year.

This past October Hilti invited me to their Switzerland headquarters to see and experience their lineup of new 2024 Hilti power tools and equipment, specifically for the Hilti Nuron battery platform. Today I’m sharing these tools with you.


About Hilti Nuron

The tools in this release are part of the Hilti Nuron battery platform which launched in 2022. Hilti pretty much redesigned their tools from the ground up for this system. Of course better power and performance were a large part of this redesign, but smarter and safer tool technology were also huge priorities for the Nuron battery platform.

Hilti prides itself on its commitment to workers’ safety. In fact, Hilti believes that better safety contributes to a more sustainable workforce which leads to optimal productivity.

A lot of the products coming in 2024 exemplify those beliefs.

To learn more about Hilti Nuron battery platform you can read our TIA article: Hilti Nuron – The Game Has Changed.

NEW 2024 Hilti Power Tools

We counted 38 total new power tools and equipment coming in 2024. These products range from your everyday drills/drivers and impact wrenches to circular saws, concrete vibrators, the EXO-T-22 Tool Balancer, and more.

Our video includes all of the tools that we were able to learn about and interact with what at Hilti headquarters.

Top Tools

Again, there are a lot of exciting Hilti power tools coming out in 2024, and details about these tools are limited at this time. However, we will make sure to share everything we know about them as they come out. But today we’re sharing more details on our top two new Hilti tools.

EXO-T-22 Tool Balancer

The Tool Balancer is designed to relieve the physical load of carrying heavy power tools common in construction settings, especially industrial construction. Hilti gives this a support rating of 37 lbs. This can drastically reduce the weight of larger construction equipment. Pricing and release date are not yet available.

The EXO-T-22 Tool Balancer is a similar tool to the EXI-S Shoulder Exoskeleton, which you can read more about in our TIA Review.

SM 60-22 Cordless Miter Saw

Hilti didn’t want to compete with itself when designing this Nuron miter saw. They wanted to stand out against the whole market. Hilti claims this 12 in. miter saw can perform up to 50% more cuts on a single charge when compared to similar saws from other brands. This front-sliding miter saw gives you a four in. cut depth and a 14 in. cut width.

They also made this saw safer by moving the bevel adjuster to the front. So, no one has to stick their hand behind the saw to adjust it.

All 2024 Hilti Power Tools & Equipment

  • PT-C Thermal Camera
  • EXO-T-22 Tool Balancer
  • PM 50MG-22 Multiline Laser
  • SM 60-22 Cordless Miter Saw
  • SC 6WP-22 Plunge Saw
  • CU 4-22 USB Charging Adapter for Nuron Batteries
  • NHG 6-22 Heat Gun
  • NCR 10K-22 Hydraulic Pump
  • VC 4X-22 Cordless Dust Extractor
  • SID 4R-22 Right Angle Impact Driver
  • TE 50-22 Cordless Combi Hammer
  • SF 8M-22 Cordless Drill Driver
  • SF 10W-22 Cordless Drill Driver
  • NRC 6-22 Rebar Flush Cutter
  • DSH 700-22 Battery Cut-Off Saw
  • EST 2000-22 Cordless Screwdriver
  • SIW 6AT-22 Impact Wrench
  • SIW 8AT-22 Impact Wrench
  • SIW 10AT-22 Cordless Impact Wrench
  • DGH 130-22 Cordless Concrete Grinder
  • SC 4MR-22 Cordless Metal Circular Saw
  • SC 6ML-22 Cordless Metal Circular Saw
  • TE 5022 Rotary Hammer+ TE DRS-5 Dust Removal System
  • SBT 6-22 Drill Driver
  • ST 2000-22 Metal Construction Screw Driver + SDT Stand-up Handle
  • SI-AT-22 Adaptive Torque Module
  • SID 4-22 Impact Driver
  • SID 8-22 Impact Driver
  • SMT 6-22 Multitool
  • STR 4-22 Threaded Rod Cutter
  • SB 6-22 Deep Cut Band Saw
  • RT 6-22 Riveting Tool
  • NCR 60C D-22 Coated Dieless 6-Ton Crimper
  • NCR 120 C-22 Coated Dieless 12-Ton Crimper
  • NCR 4-22 Concrete Vibrator
  • NCV 10-22 Concrete Vibrator
  • LS 15-22 Liquid Sprayer
  • NBL 4-22 Blower
  • SL 10-22 Tower Light

Our Thoughts on NEW Hilti 2024 Power Tools

First, I want to say thank you to Hilti for the invitation. It was great to learn about all these new tools and technology. I will never forget my trip to Switzerland. I’m was impressed and am excited by the new tools coming out in 2024.

Which new Hilti tools excite you the most and you’d like to see us test out?


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