Nemo Special Ops Water Proof Drill


As you guys know most drills don’t like water, as we witnessed in the TIA drill fight video posted about a month ago. Now you can work underwater. it’s kinda cool. The price point is insane at $1,720. You could go through a lot of 18v drills before you recoup that investment. The video also threw me off a bit, they are operating the drill and the screws are not moving.  What do you guys think of this strange tool find?

Nemo Cordless Water Proof Drill
















Here is a video of the drill in action

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  1. I definitely agree on the weird vid. The strangest part to me was the bit with the car wheel (0:40). Not only do the bolts not move, I don’t even think they *are* bolts, It looks like a plastic wheel cover with fake bolts mounded into it. Since when have you even been able to loosen wheel nuts with a drill. Forgive the pun, but it does seem a little fishy to me.


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