Empire Level New Rafter & Framing Squares


What do you think of when you think Empire?  If your in the Chicago area, you probably think of carpeting.  However we will save that for another day.  Today we are talking about Empire Levels.  Not to long ago Milwaukee bought out Empire Levels.  So you know what that means?  It’s only a matter of time before Milwaukee gets their hands on these tools and find creative ways to turn a simple rafter square into a more useful tool.  Not that a rafter square isn’t useful, it’s probably one of the most diverse tools around.

The day is here, Milwaukee has all ready gotten their hands on these tools and some some simple, but yet important changes to these Rafter and Framing Squares.  For the Framing Square (e1190), they picked to use a blue finish with white numbering system.  This create a great contrast making it much easier to read.  Much easier than the old fashion silver on silver.  The numbers stamped deep, so they should last a long time without wearing down.  The Framing Square is a 24” x 12” body, 16” x 1/2” tongue, 1/8 thick made of Anodized aluminum which means it will not rust.  The square Includes 1/8”, 1/10”, 1/12”, 1/16” stamped graduations.

Now for the Rafter Squares (e2994 and e3992), they designed it with the same color scheme, blue body with white numbers.  This new line is called the True Blue.  Not sure how they got the name, but it’s pretty cool.  For these squares instead of being stamped, they are laser etched using their own process.  The squares are made from a thick, matte 6063 aluminum which again, means it will not rust.  Another plus to these squares is they have a wider heel which is great for cutting deck boards.  Both offer a conversion chart for quick reference.

I have to say these are a nice addition to the Milwaukee family and looking forward to the new products from Empire.  I love the Blue on white color scheme as it makes it easy to read.  Next time your at your local Home Depot or online shopping, take a look at these new products.


  1. Growing up in Chicago I feel like I was raised by the Empure guy!
    I’ve been using an Empire speed square for several months now and it’s the best I have used. I carried a Swanson in my bags for years but when it came time for a new one I tried it and love it. Even after months of abuse and countless jobs it’s quality shows. And I did not know Milwaukee owned them, that’s just icing on the cake for me!
    Guys if you are in need of a great square that is easy to read and will last you a long time check them out.

  2. I used the e2994 all year and I can’t stand using anything else now. They have a similar model in stock at HD that one of my guys bought. I used his and it was inferior when it came to the markings.


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