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Empire Squares Review

When it comes to the much-needed precision in construction you have a lot of options to consider on the market in terms of measurements....
Empire Torpedo Level Review

Empire Torpedo Level Review

Empire levels have been in the business of making quality levels for a long time.  Recently Milwaukee Tool bought them out which only means...
Empire Levels

Empire Levels – True Blue

In today's market place you can spend a couple of bucks or a couple of hundred dollars on a level.  Both have their pros and...

Empire Level New Rafter & Framing Squares

What do you think of when you think Empire?  If your in the Chicago area, you probably think of carpeting.  However we will save...

Empire Level Review

For you and me a level is a level.  As long as it works, it's strong and accurate, that's what I care about.  However...

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