Milwaukee’s New Shockwave Impact Bits


Milwaukee Shockwave 3Over recent years we have seen tools become more and more powerful.  While this improvement is great, we also need to see a big improvement in the accessories we use along with these tools such as blades and bits.  Which brings me to the new Milwaukee Shockwaves.  I am not sure what corner you’re in, but it seems people are just as brand loyal to their accessories as they are to their tools.  Some people swear by Makita bits, others love Shockwaves bits or another brand.  Personally, I am a huge fan of the Shockwave bits, but not because of what you think.  While I think they are one of the highest quality bits around, I like them more for their assortment and cases.  Yes, it may seem dumb to like accessories for that reason, but to me, most of the main stream brands are great.  However I like having them all in one place, one carrying case and a wide assortment of bits, plus a whole bunch extra of either star, square or #2 bits.

The new Milwaukee bits are designed a little different, which makes them even more appealing than ever before.  While you still get a huge assortment of bits, they are also designed differently.  According to Milwaukee, they absorb 3 times more impact than your standard impact bits, obviously a huge plus.  The bits are made from a custom alloy76 steel which means they can take more abuse.  Best of all they have a custom machine tip which means a better fit into the fastener, which means less stripping, a huge plus.

One note I have to make before I go, is their magnetic bit holder.  Personally I think this is the best one on the market.  The magnet is very strong.  I don’t care if you put a small screw or a 3″ screw on the tip, the magnet is strong enough to hold it in place and that is in any direction.



  1. Don’t feel dumb at all. I think they have better cases than the rest. Though I wish they made a case you could customize yourself a bit more, so could stock the case exactly how you need it.

    Though after more and more use, I don’t think the bits hold their tip as well. This was mostly involving driving a lot of T10, T15, T25 screws in for a new house. I thought they would hold up better than the included bits with the screws, but not in my opinion. This was the 1st gen Shockwave though

    • just saw last night at HD the new Milwaukee cases have a threaded screw hole for one of 2 accessories (that I didn’t see at HD, but on the back of the package). One is a belt hook, the other is a magnet. Seems like a simple enough addition to something that is fairly limited in improvements


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