Metabo has a Drone Project


Drones are all the craze these days.  They are everywhere people find new uses for them everyday.    When we were recently told that Metabo had a drone project we instantly thought “33 gallon air compressor drone”.  However that was not the case.  It is a light drone that illuminates the work area.

Mutable jobsite drone light

Now before you go all technical and say this is not possible, it is.  They even have a prototype as seen in the end of the video below.  It is still years away and the technology is still being refined.  The drone will be capable of following the worker around the jobsite keeping the area illuminated.



  1. So who gets to be the one going to work to fly drones all day?! I’m sure there will be an automated program where a flight pattern or area layout will be input to have it operate autonomously.


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