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Have you guys heard?  They now have a heated jackets?  Wow, it is amazing how someone comes up with this stuff.  It even charges your smart phone!  What?  This is insane!  Kickstarter is the best place for all the new stuff!  NOT!

I am not knocking this guys heated jacket, but c’mon.  Milwaukee has had their heated gear out for years and yes it charges phones.  These guys on Kickstarter call it the worlds first heated “DOWN” jacket.  They wanted $100k and have over a half a million dollars already.  What the heck is going on with Kickstarter, do people who back these projects live in a bubble?  The only new thing I see they added is heated gloves which is cool, but they do not capitalize on that feature.

Kickstarter just doesn’t make sense to me anymore.  Remember the Knife Edge bit guy who claims to have invented a better Phillips bit that costs an astronomical amount of money.  His videos were terrible and did not properly demonstrate the product, yet he gets over funded?  Check out the Knife Edge over at the Tool Guyd.

Then you have the Cole Bar Hammer which looked awesome, but in the end failed and couldn’t be produced.  The guy even wrote how it wouldn’t be produced, yet he is still taking pre-orders on his website? What happened to all that money?

Check out more on the Cole Bar Hammer here via Kickscammed


  1. Maybe I’m missing something or I’m just not active enough to know any better, but why is there so much activity in the video? I mean running, hiking, rock climbing, etc. If you’re doing those things, do you really need heated gear? Wouldn’t that tend to overheat you? Heck, even when I’m out doing yard work or clearing snow, I’d think heated gear might be a bit too much after a few minutes. For work gear, where you’d be outside but not necessarily moving that much, it makes sense. Just not for someone with an active lifestyle.

  2. I’m going to start a Kickstarter for a “new” product. It will have 4 wheels and a gas engine that makes it move. It will get you from point A to point B faster than these horses we currently use. IM GUNNA CLEAN UP!!!

  3. Definitely hipster. I’ve noticed that you can take an ordinary product, and gear it toward hipsters and they’ll immediately latch on the band wagon. Can’t knock these idiots for not knowing better, stupid is as stupid does and you cannot fix stupid.


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