Milwaukee Workwear

Milwaukee Workwear

When it comes to workwear, it’s essential to have clothes that fit right, feel right, and can handle harsh environments.  In the winter you need workwear that will keep you warm but also allow you to move around and not hinder your day.  So when it comes to workwear, there are a lot of companies who specialize in this niche market but one of them that has hit this market hard is Milwaukee Tools.  While other companies have sat back, Milwaukee has pushed forward and is making a name in this market, which brings me to the Milwaukee Workwear that we are going to cover today, the hoodie and vest.

Milwaukee Workwear Overview

Everyone has their own style and what they like to wear depending on the weather.  For me, I like to layer.  Sure sometimes it can be bulky and annoying but I like being able to remove or add layers as needed.  I am not a huge fan of just having a big jacket because it always seems to hinder what I am doing and then I  just get agitated.

One of my favorite ways to layer is a shirt, a hoodie, and a vest.  The shirt and hoodie keep my arms warm enough.  Usually, it’s my core that can get cold and that is where a vest comes into play.  The vest keeps my core warm but doesn’t have the bulkiness or the sleeves like a large jacket.  So that is why I picked this setup below.

Milwaukee Workwear Hoodie

  • Name – Heavy Duty Pullover Hoodie
  • Model – 350
  • Price – $60 (Home Depot)

The hoodie is made with a tear- and abrasion-resistant 75/25 cotton/poly blend and has a 450 GSM weight which means it’s thicker, wind resistant, and more durable.

Milwaukee Workwear

The cuffs feature a rib-knit style to help prevent the sleeves from riding up and also from air creeping up your arm.

Milwaukee Workwear

The hoodie features a quality drawstring hood.

For durability, Milwaukee reinforced the pocket seams.

Milwaukee Workwear

Inside the hoddie is a nice soft texture for comfort.

Milwaukee Workwear

As with the cuffs, the waist also has a rib-knit style to help keep it closer to your waist and prevent air from entering.

Milwaukee Workwear Vest

  • Name – Heavy Duty Sherpa-Lined Vest
  • Model – 801
  • Price – $79 (Home Depot)

The Milwaukee vest is designed for functionality, comfort, and durability.  The outer material is canvas/cotton while the inside is polyester.  The back has a drop tail so no more cold air riding up the back.  Speaking of durability, the vest has reinforced high-wear zones.

Milwaukee Workwear

The zipper is beefy and large, and can easily be used even with thicker gloves.

Milwaukee Workwear

The Sherpa lining is soft and helps keep your body warm.

The vest features a total of five pockets, two on the top front, two hand pockets, and one pocket inside.

Milwaukee Workwear Wrap Up

If you own any Milwaukee workwear, you know they take this space seriously and make great workwear that is made for the jobsite.  Milwaukee’s workwear line is designed to last, be comfortable and actually be practical.  This hoodie and vest don’t stray away from the expected quality and comfort.  Both items are built to be durable, extremely comfortable, and functional.

If you don’t own any Milwaukee workwear, these two items are a great way to get your feet wet and see how Milwaukee makes quality gear.


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