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Kobalt Cordlesss Tools 17

The Kobalt tool brand launched around 1998 and is sold exclusively at Lowe’s. I would call them a professional brand for the homeowner.  Their product lineup is broad and ranges from carpentry to storage to mechanic’s tools to OPE (outdoor power equipment), and a lot more. In fact, when I search “Kobalt” on the Lowe’s site I get over 2,000 products. That’s a lot.  For their cordless tools, Kobalt has three battery platforms, 24V, 40V, and 80V. Today we’re taking a look at three new power tools in the Kobalt 24-Volt Max Brushless lineup.

Kobalt Cordless Tools Overview

The focus will be on three tools:

Kobalt Cordless Tools Features

Kobalt Cordlesss Tools 17

Kobalt touts this “newest generation of Kobalt Brushless tools” to utilize “the most innovative electronics and brushless motor technology”. I reviewed the listed specifications for each of these and also gave them a test run. The specs are impressive for a general consumer brand and I was also impressed with their performance.

The Impact Driver came with a 2Ah battery so that’s what we used for its test. We used a 4Ah battery we had at the shop for the circular and reciprocating saws. Kobalt’s 24V Li-Ion battery line gives you the choice of 2Ah, 4Ah, 6Ah, and 8Ah batteries. And their newest 150W fast charger claims to recharge a 2Ah battery in 30 minutes.

Kobalt Cordless Tools – Impact Driver

The 1/4-In Kobalt Impact Driver (KID 2024A-03) can deliver as much as 2000 in-lb (inch-pound) of torque per impact, with up to 3800 IPM (impacts/minute).  There are three basic speed settings.  In addition, the Kobalt Impact Driver features extra “FINISH” and “Self-tap” modes for installing self-tapping or self-drilling screws.  “FINISH” is appropriate for driving screws through thinner sheet metal.  “Self-tap” is for thicker or more resistant sheet metal.

Kobalt also included a useful LED work light below the base of the handle. And as with most Kobalt tools, it is backed by a 5-year limited tool warranty and a 3-year battery warranty.

Kobalt Cordless Tools – Circular Saw

Next, we have the 6-1/2-In compact Kobalt Circular Saw (KCS 124B-03). The 24V brushless motor, along with helical gears, produces up to 5500 RPM’s. The electric brake has a quick and proper response as soon as you let off the trigger, and blade depth adjustment is pretty quick as well.

Other specifications:

  • 0-50 degree bevel (angle) capacity
  • At 90 degrees (the simplest perpendicular cut), the Kobalt Circular Saw features a maximum depth of 2-3/16-In.  At 45 degrees, the saw can cut as much as 1-5/8 inches.
  • 1-1/4-In dust port on the right side pushes dust out of the user’s sight/cut line and can connect to most vacuums.

Kobalt Cordless Tools – Reciprocating Saw

Now we come to the 1-1/4-In Reciprocating Saw (KRS 224B-03). My overall impression is that Kobalt went at this design with the user in mind. Running a reciprocating saw can be physically demanding, user fatigue can set in pretty quickly on longer, tougher jobs. The rear D-handle and front grip have a soft grip overmold. The lock-off/speed setting shuttle is easily accessed just above the trigger. The shoe pivots and is adjustable. There is a rafter hook and an LED work light.

Kobalt Cordless Tools – Performance

Kobalt Impact Driver – Performance

To test the Kobalt Impact Driver, we repeatedly ran 3-1/2-In wood screws through a 4×4.  To Kobalt’s credit, the screws all went through easily; the tool clearly has a capacity greater than what we put it through.

Kobalt Circular Saw – Performance

Trying out the Kobalt Circular Saw confirmed that the tool is powerful and precise when performing straight and bevel cuts at various depths. The line of sight is well-designed.

Kobalt Reciprocating Saw – Performance

The 24V MAX Brushless motor is spec’d to deliver 3200 SPM (strokes/minute). To test the Kobalt Reciprocating Saw I made several cuts through a 4×4 post. The saw easily made the cuts, with a good balance and “feel” to it. I felt it was comfortable to operate with fairly low vibration compared to other reciprocating saws I’ve used.  The blade change is tool-free, which is always good.  There are two primary speed settings with a variable-speed trigger for fine-tuning a cut.

Kobalt Cordless Tools Value

Prices are very competitive (an advantage of house-brand tools) and are as follows:

  • Kobalt Impact Driver (Model #: KID 2024A-03) – $99.00
  • Kobalt Circulating Saw (Model #: KCS 124B-03) – $129.00
  • Kobalt Reciprocating Saw (Model #: KRS 224B-03) – $129.00

Kobalt Cordless Tools Wrap Up

As I mentioned in the beginning, Kobalt is a “professional” brand for the homeowner and DIY’er. They offer a great selection of over 2,000 Kobalt products at Lowe’s that are well made, reasonably priced, and almost all come with a 5-year tool warranty. The three Kobalt 24V MAX Brushless tools we featured here had some nice user-friendly design features, and all performed well. So if you’re looking for a brand of tools for your home and garage, Kobalt is a line worth considering.


  1. I lost my center bolt for the blade and the flange
    Blade bolt
    Blade flange is what I need
    For the circular saw cordless
    If u can help me ..
    I called kobalt up .. that could not help me

  2. I switched over to Kobalt brushless tools after I had the chance of using someone else’s, they are more durable, dependable, and comes with a really good warranty I have my eyes on the circular saw next to get can’t wait to have my own. I try some of the other brands I had, they was mixed name brand, they didn’t stand up to Kobalt tools, thank you kobult for making me satisfied customer


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