Geneverse CES 2023

Geneverse CES 2023

Every year during the first week of January companies from all over the world come to Las Vegas to showcase their new technologies and products at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show). As usual, this year’s CES was a cool experience.   We saw all sorts of different and exciting new technology.  We saw things from fully self-driving cars to large trucks for gravel pits. And even remotely operated machines where an operator can be located on one side of the world and remotely dig a pit on the other side of the world.  There are always a ton of products that are out of our price range, but we also found a ton of cool, useful products we could afford if we needed them.  One product line that I would call a stand out in the “affordable” products category was the products showcased at the Geneverse CES 2023 booth.

Today we are going over some of Geneverse’s current products, including their flagship systems and we will also cover what’s new, plus what you can expect from them in the (near) future.


While walking the floor, the one thing we noticed was how many battery backup systems are available to the consumer, it’s crazy.  How do you know who to trust or who to go with?  We stopped by a wide variety of these battery backup booths only to find the same thing over and over.

We were either unimpressed with the overall quality of the backup system, suffered sticker shock, or both.  For us, it seemed like so many of them were cheaply made, let’s just say they were like pigs with lipstick on.  Now I am not sure if we were jaded because of our experience at the Geneverse CES 2023 booth or something else, but whatever it was, we just couldn’t get excited about these other companies and their products.

If you’re not familiar with Geneverse, this is a company we have featured several times on our channels because it is a company we believe in.  We have tested some of their products and believe in them 100%.  Sure their prices make sense, and the power is there but what we love the most is the quality – they don’t cut any corners.  Their products are top-notch.  You can check out our previous reviews for the HomePower ONE PRO and the HomePower TWO PRO.

As I noted, this is a very crowded market but I believe Geneverse is on top because they don’t cut corners and insist on making the best of the best.  In fact, they remind me of EGO.  Back in the day, battery-powered lawnmowers were a novelty.  They were around but they were cheap, cheaply made, and subsequently didn’t give the consumer a good value.  EGO hit the market producing quality products and they never cut corners.  To this day, it has been catch-up for other manufacturers trying to go head to head with EGO. From their day one, EGO has been leading the way.  They have built a great reputation by offering high-quality, reliable, and highly useful products.

I see the exact same thing with Genverse. They offer quality, reliability, and great products.  So when the dust eventually settles, Geneverse will be on top.

Product Line

Above are the four main products they offer as of today, with far more coming soon.  Starting from the left here is what you have.

  • HomePower ONE – Great for portability and applications like tailgating, camping, and more.
  • HomePower ONE PRO – A mix between portability and a great solution for the home when the power goes out.
  • HomePower TWO PRO – A great solution for the home when the power goes out.  Heavier than ONE PRO so not a great option for portability but more power than ONE PRO so longer run times and it can power more devices.
  • HomePower TWO PRO (2) – This tethers two systems together for even more power.

At the Geneverse CES 2023 booth, they showcased more products like the PowerStation and solar panels but we will get into those another time.

Flagship Products

Geneverse CES 2023

I call these, HomePower ONE PRO and HomePower TWO PRO, their flagship products because they are what put Geneverse on the board for me.  I am like most people who want a viable, reliable option to power their home when the power goes out.  Yes, there are others in the market but nothing comes close to the quality of these two systems.

Also, I understand that people will compare these to gas-powered generators.  I am not suggesting these are going to replace gas generators, at least not today. But after seeing what Geneverse has in the works they just might in the near future.

Gas generators do have their spot, but for the home, I think they have lost out.  With a Generverse system, I can safely run it inside my home. There are no fumes, noise, no gas to mess with, it will always start, no spark plugs, and no hassle.  I could go on and on but just understand that battery systems and gas systems each have their own place in the market.  But as for me and my home, I sold my gas inverter and am now all in on the Geneverse HomePower TWO PRO.

New Set Up

This is a cool added product to the Genverse line.  If you need more power than what the HomePower TWO PRO can provide, you can now connect two of them together and run even some of the most high-demand items.  We will cover this product in greater detail in another article/video but we just wanted to make you aware of this new addition to their lineup in case you find you’re needing more power than a single system provides.

Future Products

Geneverse CES 2023

If you thought the above products were cool, check out what is coming down the pipeline.  When I say down the pipeline, I mean this year.  I am going to briefly talk about each component but will get into greater detail once they are released.

First, a portable solution.  You can link two HomePower TWO PROs together which is great, but these are extremely heavy systems to move around.  So they now offer a system that is motorized so you can easily move them from one location to another.

Geneverse CES 2023

Here is one of my favorite products coming to market, a whole house system.  It is a wall-mounted system.  If your power gets interrupted at all, it will kick on and you will have power throughout your house.  How cool is this?  No more gas-powered items taking up space in your garage or outside your house.  You can mount these on the wall in your house or garage!

Another cool product is the solar panel cover.  Here is something you can have on your patio that protects you from the sun.  As it’s keeping the sun off you, it is absorbing solar energy via the solar panels and storing the power.  You can plug items into the base and tap into this renewable energy source.

Wrap Up

We were so impressed with what we saw at the Geneverse CES 2023 booth this year. Genverse is changing the way we think about powering our house in emergencies.  No more messing with gasoline, fumes, noise, or hassle.  They have designed top-quality products to run just about anything and everything in your home.  Easy to use, easy to move, and best of all, the quality – they don’t cut corners.  For me, Geneverse is the backup power solution for your home.


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