Geneverse Solar Generator

Geneverse Solar Generator

When we were at the 2022 International Builders’ Show at the beginning of this year, we noticed a new trend.  There were a lot more battery-powered inverters than ever before.  We noticed that while there was a lot on display, a lot of them seemed cheap or rebranded inverters.  However, we did come across one that caught our eye, the Geneverse Solar Generator.  This inverter was sleek with a simple, clean design.  So let’s jump in and take a look at Geneverse.

Geneverse Solar Generator

For a long time, I have been reluctant to switch from gas to battery-powered inverters primarily because of shorter runtimes.  However, portable gas generators come with their own challenges.  Sure you will get unlimited runtime, but they can be hard to start (if not physically impossible for some folks), they are loud, and gas generators must be operated in an outdoor location. Utilizing a gas-powered generator outside can also be very inconvenient, especially during extreme weather/natural disaster-related power outages. Not to mention, sometimes these situations cause local gas shortages. There are so many advantages to battery-powered inverters, but limited runtime has always been the major drawback.  Well, that is over as you can now use solar panels to adequately charge and power your inverter.

We have tested a wide variety of battery-powered inverters, and while many of them have been great, Geneverse is a standout. Geneverse is only a few years old and has a classic  “Necessity is the mother of invention.” story. After reading through their website, I feel this statement sums up their mission: “With our solar generators (backup batteries and solar panels), you can live peacefully and independently with the confidence of knowing that you and your family’s future has all the power it needs, through times of prosperity and any catastrophe.”

Geneverse Solar Generator Features

This is the HomePower ONE PRO which has a rated power of 1200W and a surge power of 2400W. Which means you can pretty much power any appliance in your home. If you go to the GENEVERSE website they have a Usage Time Chart that shows power  estimated use/run times for kitchen appliances, and common home and home office machines. The chart also gives Estimated Usage Times for vital items like CPAP Machines, Oxygen Concentrators, Breast Pumps, Sump Pumps, and more.

The display is very easy to read and provides lots of information such as how much battery life is left or how much charging time you will get when an appliance is hooked up.

All connections are on the front and include:

  • 2 – USB-A
  • 2 – USB-C
  • 3 – 120V Outlets

Geneverse Solar Generator

This unit also features a useful led light.  Not that it will light up a room but certainly bright enough to provide a “night light” when you really need one.

Geneverse Solar Generator

While I like the power and ease of use, I love the design with the flat top.  That way if you are charging your phone, iPad or just need a flat surface, you can set things on top.Geneverse Solar Generator

While this may not be a big deal and often gets overlooked, I like how the handles are deep.  So when you are carrying this unit, you’re not trying to bear all the weight on your fingertips.  You can get your hand in there and it makes it so much easier to carry.

Geneverse Solar Generator

Again, the quality is more than we have seen and more than we expected.  Even the cords are thick, long, and flexible, which makes them much easier to work with.

If you are like me, you like organization.  The unit comes with a pouch to keep all the cords together.

For unlimited runtime, you can buy this with a solar panel which will allow you to charge the unit in 3-4 hours, which is extremely quick. You can also continue to use it while it is charging.

Geneverse Solar Generator Performance

Not sure what to really say about performance except this does exactly what you need a portable power source to do, and does it very well.  The inverter is not only reliable and easy to use, but the build quality is the best we have seen for an inverter of this size.

Geneverse Solar Generator Value

You can pick this Geneverse up for $1,999 which includes a solar panel.  Is this expensive?  Not really. It is priced around the average price of a portable gas generator plus you never have to buy gas for your generator again. But yes, it may be more than other comparable inverters or generators on the market, but not the most expensive.  And if you consider the ease of use, features, build quality, and included solar panel, this is a great value.

Geneverse has multiple products available on Amazon.

Geneverse Solar Generator Wrap Up

While this is designed for your home, I would argue this is also a perfect unit for camping, tailgating, hunting, or anywhere you need portable power.  As far as a backup power option for your home, this is a top contender. It’s powerful, easy to use, reliable, and the build quality is the best we have seen.


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