Instafire – Fire on the Spot


There is something about fire that fascinates me.  Maybe it’s just getting lost watching the flames dance while hanging around a campfire. Or perhaps because it’s as old as the earth and the essence of life. Either way, fire is pretty amazing.  We use fire for so many things in our lives. We heat our homes, cook our food, and so much more.  Today we are talking about an interesting line of products relating to fire called InstaFire.  We first saw this at the International Builders’ Show and immediately knew it was something special.

InstaFire Overview

So what is InstaFire?  In essence, it is a line of unique products that may change the way we think about fires and lighting them.  InstaFire is designed to hold a flame in harsh conditions, even with 30 mph winds.  It will light on damp ground, including on snow.  Heck, you can even light it on standing water.  But what’s great is after you light the fire, it will burn up to 1,000° for 10-15 minutes which is long enough to get other fuels like wood and charcoal burning.

Best of all, this is a safer, easier, and more robust method than the traditional ways of lighting a fire.  Lighter fluid or other products on the market won’t work as well as InstaFire.

InstaFire Features


In the InstaFire Fire Starter Mix, they add wood pellets that burn long enough to get larger logs to start burning.  Other products also help with the brand’s overall mission of starting and sustaining a flame in adverse conditions.

InstaFire Products

Their cornerstone product is a large bucket of InstaFire Emergency Fuel.  While this is good for longer camping outings, I also think this is a good household product to have in storage for emergencies.


If you don’t want to haul around a large bucket and want something for your backpack, they make handy individual packets as well.  These also might be something good to keep in your car for emergencies.


Another cool product is the Charcoal Starter.  I absolutely love this as I grill more with charcoal than gas.  I am tired of waiting for the lighter fluid to burn off before I can cook.  With these packets, the fire starts fast and the charcoal starts even faster, all without the odor or bad taste associated with lighter fluid.

The Tactical Fire Starter Kit is my favorite because it has everything you might need for any fire emergency in one pouch.

  • 2 Fire Ropes
  • 1 Plasma Lighter
  • 1 Ferro Rod
  • 2 InstaFire Starter Packs

Perfect for any outdoorsman.

InstaFire Performance


When it comes to ease of use, you can’t ask for anything better.  Once you touch a flame to InstaFire, the flame is lit and creating heat, it’s quick and easy.

I know fire and water typically don’t mix, which makes this so cool.  You know if this fire-starter t can light and hold a flame on water, it won’t have any issues in a damp area.

InstaFire Value

For me, I think their pricing is fair.  I have talked with some people who agree and others who think it’s priced too high.  As a person who loves the outdoors, building a fire is a necessary task for a heat source and for cooking.  Being outside you don’t always have ideal conditions, so having a very reliable means to start a fire is invaluable, and why I think InstaFire is a great value.  You can check out all their products on Amazon.

InstaFire Wrap Up

This is a very cool line of products.  There are other fire-starter products on the market, but I haven’t found anything better than InstaFire.  Easy to use, burns extremely hot, and is safe. Plus it works in almost all conditions.  What else can you ask for from a fire starter?


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