Blues Hog Seasoning

Blues Hog Seasoning

Blues Hog Seasoning originates from original and fantastic recipes in Tennessee that spawned this line of seasonings and BBQ products.  BBQ as well as general cooking projects stand to benefit from Blues Hog products.  Blues Hog Seasoning has staying power in the seasonings and BBQ accessory business.  Based in Washington, Missouri, Blues Hog offers not only products but also recipes that give opportunities for a wide variety of culinary delights.

Blues Hog Seasoning Overview

As far as food products go, Blues Hog Seasoning offers:

  • Sauces
  • Rubs
  • Marinades
  • Precooked/Prepared Meats

Blues Hog Seasoning has a selection of charcoal and wood fuels, which rounds out their BBQ product offerings.  As someone who uses charcoal as well as wood, I especially appreciate the subtle flavor profiles that wood can impart on grilled food. These and other Blues Hog products on Amazon are rated by customers to an average of at least 4.5/5 stars.

Blues Hog Seasoning Products

Blues Hog SeasoningHere we have assembled Blue Hog Seasoning’s sauces, marinades, and dry rubs.

Let’s zoom in for a bit.  This company provides the following barbecue sauce options:

  • Smokey Mountain
  • Champions’ Blend
  • Raspberry Chipotle
  • Honey Mustard
  • Tennessee Red
  • Original

Dry rubs are also offered.  The following four rubs deliver a strong flavor to cooking projects and are good to have nearby:

  • Original
  • Sweet & Savory
  • Bold & Beefy

This sums up the Blues Hog products we’ve tried.  Blues Hog also offers pork and beef marinade mixes that are worth exploring.  These marinades can be used to brine, inject, or even as Au Jus.  With these, you will get amplified flavors on a variety of your favorite cuts of meat.

Blues Hog Seasoning Wrap Up

What’s nice about this business is that it knows its strong point and does not venture out into uncharted territory.  Blues Hog Seasoning focuses on barbecue culinary accessories; specifically sauces, dry rubs, and marinades.  It even offers select cooked meat cuts as additional reinforcement to consumers that it can deliver when it comes to the barbecue experience.



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