Milwaukee V28 Sawzall Review 0719-20


The Milwaukee Sawzall is one of the all time great power tools, and this review covers this amazing power tool.  This V28 Sawzall came in the Milwaukee combo kit.  The kit number is 0928-29.  You can also buy this Sawzall separately, the model number is 0719-20.

The Milwaukee V28 Sawzall harnesses a lot of power and comes with some of the same features you are accustom to with their corded version.  Some quick specs are – 0-2000/0-3000 SPM, Keyless shoe adjustment and the famous Quik-Lok blade clamp.  The stroke lengh is 1-1/8″ and weighs only 7.1lbs.  Over all, when you pick up the V28 Sawzall, it doesn’t feel any different than the corded version.  The saw has a great balance and feels good in your hands.

Since it has a lot of the same features as the corded version, we figured we would put it through a test and compare the Milwaukee V28 Sawzall to the corded Sawzall model number 6521-21, which is the 11 amp version.  For this test we just wanted to check the cutting action, vibration in hands and over all performance.  So we took two solid oak 2×4’s, we embedded some nails and put a metal stake in between the wood.  My intial thought was the corded version would perfom much better, but the power tool test would tell us the truth.

We ran the test using the V28 Sawzall.  The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to cut through the material.  I didn’t have to put a lot of pressure on tool.  I could tell from the start that the sawzall was doing the work and not my arms.  I was extremely surprised how fast and efficient it cut through the material.  When I was done, I didn’t feel any vibration in my hands or arms.  Not once did the Sawzall bog down or even give a little, it stayed strong the whole time.

Next we took the corded version and cut the same material.  We knew the corded would do a great, because we have tested this tool before, but we wanted to compare the speed and ease, so we could understand how the V28 did.  As you can see by the video below, the corded version ripped through the cut quick.  Now that we had a comparison, we had a better understanding that the V28 is one tough saw and even though it is battery operated, it has the feeling and power of a corded Sawzall.



We gave the Milwaukee V28 Sawzall a 5 blade rating as we found out that everything we love about the corded version, now comes in a battery version.  Even though we are giving up a cord, we are not giving up any power or performance.

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  1. Great review. I have heard a lot about the V28 sawzall, but it is nice to see it in action. Looks like it is just as powerful and good as the corded version you guys tested. Again very nice review.

  2. Nice review. Its good to see how this compares to a corded version. I was going to buy the corded version next month, but I guess I should look at their cordless version.

  3. We used this sawzall a lot at our last jobsite and worked great. Lots of power and I can tell you from first hand experience, this is very durable. This saw was beat up, dropped, kick and you name it. Couldn’t agree more with this review.

  4. I have been using this saw for over two years and love it. Occasionally I still put out my corded version, but your right this runs with the best of them and has more than enough power to tackle any job. Good review. Nice to see it go head to head against the corded version

  5. Hey, this was really a good review! I was wondering whether or not I would get the same power from the cordless as the corded. Now I know I will after watching your video!

    Thank You

  6. Long time reader, first time poster. Just wanted to say great review. You are always very knowledable about your products, I can tell you guys know power tools. I have read other reviews, but most do not know what they are talking about. They either compare two different items or you can see they should stay away from reviews and just stick with sales. I am sure you understand what I am saying. Anyways great reviews and great website. Keep up the good information.


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