Milwaukee V28 Work Light Review 49-24-0185


This review is for the Milwaukee V28 Work Light that came in the Milwaukee combo kit 0928-29 we  If you are looking for this light separately, the model number for the Milwaukee work light is 49-24-0185.

All most all combo kits and manufacturers make a work light.  Everyone has their own opinion about the style of work light they like.  At professional power tool guide, we like this style of work light.  There is a solid base the light can stand up on. This makes it very easy to point the light where you need it the most.

The Milwaukee work light can run around 5 hours on one battery before it needs to be charged.  There is also a non slip grip around the arm of the light.  Milwaukee has also integrated a Clip-Lok system, so you can hang it from your belt.  This is a nice feature, but makes you pretty bulky if it is hanging from your belt.  The inside of the light has a faceted reflector which helps create a more uniformed beam.  The head pivots 140 degrees which allows you to shine light in most places.

One of the best features we like about this work light is the on/off switch.  While most work lights have push buttons, the Milwaukee has a recessed switch where you actually have to push up on the switch to turn it on.  This is a great feature for when you put the light in your tool bag. You won’t accidentally turn it on as is possible with a push button.  There is nothing more annoying then getting to your next job and realizing your light has been on for the whole trip.

We didn’t put this light through any major tests as they wouldn’t prove much.  If we drop the light and the bulb burns out, which usually happens, this is due more to the manufacturer of the bulb, not the fault of the work light.  One test we will be coming back and doing is a brightness test.  We will be testing other kits in the near future and we will compare the Milwaukee work light to other cordless work lights.

Over all this is a great work light.  Nice base, great on/off switch and great brightness.  We give this our highest rating of 5 blades.

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  1. These are awesome flash lights. I love them. I dropped mine and beat it up. Yes the light burns out when you drop it sometimes, but that is the bulbs fault, not the light. Great review.


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