Milwaukee V28 Combo Kit 0928-29 Review


In January 2005 Milwaukee was bought out by Techtronic Industries, you can see our article here.  This buyout happened over 3 years ago.  We figured we gave them enough time to cycle their tools through their sales channels and replenish them with the new tools under the new company.  So we wanted to run the tools through a new set of power tool tests and see if their quality has changed.    This article will cover whats in the package and give a quick overview of each power tool.  In the upcoming power tool reviews we will cover each Milwaukee V28 in more detail. You can see our other reviews as they come out here under our power tool review section.

The Milwaukee V28 combo kit comes with a nice assortment of professional power tools.  Below we listed the power tools that come in Milwaukee’s V28 Combo kit.

Hammer Drill– 1/2″ (0724-20)  When we first picked up the Milwaukee Hammer Drill, we noticed this drill had great balance with the chuck and battery.  This is very important so as your hand and arm won’t have fatigue half way through the day.  The chuck is nice, as is usually the case with professional power tools.  It has Carbide jaws with a lock to keep the bits in place.  Milwaukee states this drill has an impressive 600lbs. of torque.  The no load speed is 0-600 and 0-1800 RPM.   The no load BPM is 0-9000 and 0-27000.  When you pick up the drill, it is like picking up feathers as it only weighs 4.4lbs.

Circular Saw– 6-1/2″ (0730-20) This is a very light saw weighing in at only 7.1lbs.  Very easy to maneuver and fun to use.  The balance on the saw seemed great when we first picked it up.  This circular saw has a 4,200 rpm.

Sawzall– (0719-20) As you all ready know we love the Sawzall, and this model is no different.  Milwaukee took everything they knew about the corded Sawzalls and put this into the V28 Sawzall.  It has the quik-lok blade system.  One thing we will let you know is we tested this against the corded version of the Sawzall and we were very impressed and surprised, but you can read about that in our V28 Sawzall power tool review coming up.

Work Light– (49-24-0185) Milwaukee includes a great work light that will run over 5 hours on one battery.  The head pivots 140 degrees.  Over all the brightness of the light is great, its not LED, so the light is a little yellowish, but nothing to complain about as it will light up any project.  One feature we noticed off the bat was the on and off switch.  There is a nice button you have to move in order to turn the light on.  This is a lot better than the push button switches as push button switches always turn off when you drop them or move them, or they turn on when you toss them in your bag and thus burn out the battery.

Charger– The charger in the combo kit is nice since it charges more than just the 28V Lithium batteries.  This charger also charges 18V lithium and 18V Nicd.  This might not seem important, but we have all experienced when we have too many chargers plugged in and not enough room for anything else.  Now we can use multiple Milwaukee tools, but only have one charger plugged in.  The charger will also charge Lithium batteries in about an hour and Nicd in about 40 minutes.

2 V28 Lithium Ion Batteries – The combo kit comes with two Lithium Ion batteries, a nice feature, since these batteries are expensive.  One item we are looking forward to is the cold test.  Over the years we have heard and read a lot of bad publicity on these batteries, not just the Milwaukee Lithium batteries, but all Lithium batteries in general.  One knock is they don’t work when they are cold.  In our test we will leave them in the fridge over night to simulate the batteries being left outside over night.

The Milwaukee V28 Combo kit also includes:

  • Clip-Lok System
  • Side Handle
  • 6-1/2″ 24T Carbide Blade
  • #2 Philips Bit
  • Rip Fence
  • Contractor Bag
  • 2 Sawzall Blades

Overall we love the feel of the Milwaukee V28 System.   We will be putting the reviews of each individual power tool up shortly, so check back under our power tool reviews!


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  1. This is something I have been waiting for. I read you article a while back about Milwaukee selling out. I haven’t bought any Milwaukee tools since because I was unsure their quality. Looking forward to seeing what you guys think about this. The video is great to. Hopefully you have videos of the tests you perform on the V28.

  2. I have been looking for a good review of the Milwaukee V28 for a while. Looking forward to see what you guys find before I buy this.

  3. I want to buy this kit, but scared about all the bad reviews with people having so many probelms with the batteries. I am hoping you guys test these batteries to either let us know they are OK or the batteries are no good.


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