Milwaukee Introduced New M18 Line


Milwaukee announced their new power tool line of 18V called the M18.  Some of the new tools are the:

  • M18 Sawzall – 2620-22
  • M18 Circular Saw – 2630-22
  • M18 Impact Driver – 2650-22
  • M18 Hammer Drill – 2611
  • M18 Drill/Driver – 2610
  • M18 Work Light – 49-24-0171

These are all powered by Milwaukee’s 18V Lithium Ion Batteries.

Here are a couple key points about each tool.

  1. The saw has a 3,500 motor.  A little slower than we would like to see, but will still cut some serious materials.
  2. The Milwaukee hammer drill can produce 650lbs. of torque which is more than their 28V, pretty impressive.
  3. The Milwaukee M18 Work Light has a head that will rotate 135 degrees.
  4. The impact driver looks like it has an LED light on it, not sure if this will be good or more of a distraction.

Overall the new line looks pretty cool.

This new line of Milwaukee M18 power tools looks to compete with the other 18V Lithium Ion tool manufactures out there.  We hope too test these tools in the near future.



  1. I hope these batteries are better than their V28. I love the V28, but just had a bad battery and have been hearing other people have had bad batteries also. Just venting. Thanks


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