Milwaukee Contractor Bag Review


This review is for the Milwaukee contractor’s bag that came in the V28 Combo kit model number 0928-29.  You can also buy this tool bag separately which is model number 48-55-3530.  When first looking at the bag you will notice that it is rather large, which is good.  The dimensions are 24.5″ L x 13″ W x 14″ H.  This bag is made out of 600 denier material, so it is water resistant, not water proof which you don’t want for power tool storage.  Never buy an tool bag that is water proof, because your tools will not be able to breath.  If your tools can not breath, the moisture will eat away at your tools.

One aspect we liked a lot was all the pockets.  On the outside there are plenty of pockets to store hand tools for easy access.  The outside also has two hand straps to carry the bag or one large shoulder strap.  Once you open the Milwaukee contractor bag, you will notice the large amount of room that fits the Combo, with room left over for other items.  On the inside of the tool bag, there are even more pockets to store items.  This is a nice feature, now instead of all your tools at the bottom of the bag, you can easily access them.  With all the tools from the kit plus any additional hand tools you will be putting in the bag, you might look at a weight of 50lbs. at most.  So for our test we wanted to over load the bag and see what happens.

For our power tool test of the Milwaukee contractor bag, we loaded the bag with 2-50lb. salt bags.  As a user, I am not sure anyone will be walking around with 100lbs. of tools in this bag, but it would be nice to know if it can handle this amount of weight.  After we loaded the bag with this weight, we just picked it off the ground and moved it up and down to make sure the bottom didn’t break or the handles didn’t snap.  We weren’t sure, but the bag was fine and held up.  Now some might say why didn’t you swing the bag around and try to get it to break.  Our response is if you can easily swing around 100lbs of power tools or have the need to do this, you might want to think about joining the Olympic weight lifting team!

Our over all review of the Milwaukee contractor bag is 5 blades.  The bag is big and strong enough to carry a lot of tools.  The outside and inside pockets make for easy access and great organization of tools.  This bag comes with the Milwaukee V28 Combo kit.

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  1. This seems like a great bag. I doubt I will ever carry 100lbs in this bag, well I know I won’t. Its nice to see you guys put the salt bags in to test the weight. Guess I should get me one of those.


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