Milwaukee Torpedo Levels

Milwaukee Torpedo Level

Milwaukee recently came out with two new levels, the Compact Torpedo Level 48-22-5107 and the 10″ Diecast Torpedo Level with 360 Degree Locking Vial 48-22-5210.  I am not going to get into depth on them because, well, they are levels and there is not a whole lot to them.  However, there are some things I wanted to let you know about them and why they might need to be in your tool arsenal.


Milwaukee Torpedo Level

For the Compact Torpedo, there were two things that caught my attention right away.  First, was the weight.  Not that it weighs a ton, but you can feel that this level is solid.  It’s not some cheap level, it’s a heavy duty level that is made for tough work environments and will take the abuse of falls, water and more.  Speaking of falls, this level has four incredibly strong magnets, which brings me to the second item I noticed right away.  When this level sits on metal, you can rest assure that it will stay in place, even if you bang it with something, it won’t fall off.

In regards to the vials, they seem well protected and I like how big the viewing areas are.  In regards to color, they use a yellow color in the vials which does an okay job at the contrast.  I would have liked to see a little better contrast, but not a huge deal.  Where the magnets sit, this is a flat surface.  On the other side of the level, there are groves for pipe work.


Milwaukee Torpedo Level

This is another cool addition to the Milwaukee measurement line.  The DieCast 10″ torpedo level is just as solid.  The vials are nice and big and seem well protected.  The contrast between the bubble and liquid could be a little more vibrant, but it still does a great job.  There is a 360 adjustable vial which will allow you to take or identify any angle. Plus you can lock this into place.  This level features two strong magnets that will ensure your level will stay in place at all times.




  1. Love the billet level. Compact, yet the vial is HUGE and easy to read, plus the magnets makes the other torpedo levels feel weak!
    As a plumber, this has been the BEST torpedo level to adjust my pipes to proper slope because of how easy it is to read on the huge vial.
    The fit and finish is incredible too!


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