Ryobi Workshop Light P781

Ryobi Workshop Light

Ryobi has a ton of tools for their popular 18V lineup.  You can buy them right at your local Home Depot store.  They have a great warranty and they make quality products for their price range.  I have a bunch of Ryobi tools that I love including the Ryobi Garage Door Opener, Bench Sander, cordless sander, fan and my most used tool, the Ryobi inflator.  I think for the price, the lineup and the quality, are tough to beat.  So when I found out that Ryobi had a light, I had to give it a shot.  The light is the Ryobi Workshop Light model P781.

Ryobi Workshop LightOkay, so here is the deal.  I know Ryobi advertises this as a Workshop light, which is great, but I think where this light shines (sorry about the pun), is an outdoor light.  Yes, you can use it as a workshop light such as under the sink, lighting up a closet you might be working in or an attic, but outdoors is where it’s at.  Yes, I also know you are not supposed to end a sentence in a preposition, but oh well.  To me this is more of a lantern which makes it great for camping, tailgating or just when you’re hanging out back.  The light is 330 lumens, which is great for a picnic table.   The light isn’t a high-intensity light, it’s more of a flood or lantern style light.

The light is a no thrills light.  To operate the light, there is a push button on/off switch.  The Ryobi Workshop light will run off their 18V platform, so if you have a battery, you are all set.  Get this, it’s only about $20 at The Home Depot.  Much cheaper than a Coleman lantern and it also has one up on the Coleman, well besides the heat and fuel it needs.  The Ryobi light has a 1 Amp USB charging port.  Not that you need that when you are camping since you are trying to unwind from the world, but great for tailgating or other outdoor activities.

On the top of the light, there is a hideaway hook that will allow you to hang it from the top of your tent or a wire.  Now I do wish the hook was a little bigger and a little beefier, but seriously for $20, I can’t ask for the world.  The 18V battery powers 3 LED lights which means each LED light is 110 lumens, sorry I just wanted to show off my math skills.  If you have a Ryobi 18V 4Ah battery you should get about 48 hours of runtime.

So here we are, Ryobi calls it a workshop light and I call it a lantern light.  Bottom line for $20, how can you go wrong?  Next time I am at The Home Depot, I am grabbing a couple more so my next tailgate party or camping trip, I can sit back and enjoy the light that surrounds me.  So am I wrong by saying this is more of an outdoor light?  Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below or on our YouTube video.



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