Ryobi Light P727 Workbench Light

Ryobi Light P727

The more and more I get my hands on Ryobi, the more I am loving this brand.  For me, it’s amazing how many tools they have in their 18V lineup.  Not only do they have a ton of tools, but they are quality tools that won’t break the bank.  We have never had any issues with their tools or batteries.  For the homeowner, I really don’t think there is a better option than Ryobi.  As a homeowner, why would you want to spend $200 on a drill when you could buy a Ryobi for a 3rd of the cost?  Especially since the drill will be sitting on the shelf for a good part of the year.  Besides that, Ryobi has a ton of products besides tools and best of all, the batteries are interchangeable.  Take the Ryobi Garage Door Opener.  This garage door opener is awesome and again, you can use your Ryobi battery as a power backup, how cool is that?  Well, it brings me to the Ryobi Light P727 Workbench light.  Here is another tool available from Ryobi.  Sure it’s great for the work bench, but as a homeowner, you can use this for so much more.

Ryobi Light P727Here is what I love about this, the light is diffused which means it produces a nice light, but not one that will blind you.  The light puts out 950 Lumens and is controlled by a push button on/off.  As you can see by the pictures, this is a very versatile light.  You can hang this light using many different methods.  The arm rotates 270°.  So you can really shine the light in any direction you want.  I also love how each side of the arm is controlled.  So a user can have both sides light up or chose which arm is on or off.  A user will see about 9 hours of run time with this light, more than enough time for almost any use.

Ryobi Light P727Now I know they call this a Workbench light, which yes, it’s great for that.  But to get back to my original thought regarding Ryobi and how you can use their battery line for so much more, this light is a perfect example.  This is great for camping, tailgating or even using at night when reading a book.  I am sure you can think of other items this will shine on, sorry about the pun, but it was too easy.

Ryobi has come a long way over the years.  If your only experience with Ryobi was when they were blue and yellow, I would suggest checking out their new line as I am sure they will impress you.  Time after time, we have been fully impressed with their quality and price point for their products.  I think Ryobi did a heck of a job with this light and making a simple light be extremely versatile to the homeowner.




  1. I love their accessories most of all. Such as the fan or chemical sprayer, but just like the fan, the hooks seem very underwhelming. I only see one great way of testing to see if it is metal re-enforced, but I don’t want not be able to use it afterwards ;D

  2. That light is the best grill light I have ever used. Bright, stays at the angle I want it, and useful elsewhere.

    I have several of the ryobi 18v and have been very happy with them.

  3. Love this light. Use it while working around the car and have taken it out camping. Provides ample lighting and the hinged 50/50 split allows you to wrap the light where you need it. The battery contact terminals were pretty lose on mine, but nothing a finger and a tad bit of prying couldn’t fix. I do wish the Power button had more feed back/feel and resistance. Doesn’t take much to turn it on/off or change light modes by accident.

  4. Hi Eric. Great review. I’ve been thinking about grabbing one of these as a bare tool, but I only have a couple of Ryobi’s Ni-Cd batteries. I know One+ makes all Ryobi batteries backward compatible, but I was wondering if you’d tested this light with an old Ni-Cd and how long it would last on a charge. Thanks!

    • We haven’t tested it with NiCad as I don’t have any. It’s not going to last as long but with the holidays coming up, I am sure you can pick up a Lithium battery one sale. I was just using this light this weekend to look in my sump pit. Great light.


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