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Milwaukee Rechargeable Lights

When it comes to jobsite lighting, Milwaukee is leading the way.  In fact, no other power tool manufacturer is even close to Milwaukee Tools.  Milwaukee offers anything from large lights to light up a job site to small pens lights and everything in between.  Today we are taking a look at two of their newer lights, the Milwaukee Rechargeable Lights.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Lights Overview

We know Milwaukee is the leader in the lighting field, which is impressive.  But what impresses me the most is the quality.  All of the Milwaukee lights are high-quality materials, components, and LED lights.  So when you buy a Milwaukee light, you know it’s one of the best on the market.

When I take a look at these rechargeable lights, they fit the mold as they are high quality and bright, which means a lot to any tradesmen.  Job site lights are a must on any job site.  They need to be bright and they need to be tough and that is why a lot of tradesmen buy Milwaukee.  So with that said, let’s take a look at these lights.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Lights Features

The two lights we are going over today are the Milwaukee Compact Light (2160-21) and the Milwaukee Twist Focus Light (2161-21).

Milwaukee Compact Flashlight

Milwaukee Twist Focus Flashlight

As you can see, the flashlights look the same on the outside except for the lens.  The compact light is on the right and you can see the LED light where the twisted light is more opaque.  The twist light lets the user twist the top of the light to adjust the beam.

The flashlight uses a push-button on/off.  This button also acts as a multi-functional button for battery charge status, mode selection, and mode memory.

As with the other Milwaukee flashlights, there is a grip pattern that makes it easier to grip with gloves or if the flashlight is wet.  The flashlight also comes with a removable pocket clip.

Each flashlight comes with a Milwaukee charging cord.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Lights Performance

Above is the Twist Focus Flashlight.  While it still shows the true color of wire and other items, it does have a tint to it.  I am not sure what Kelvin this light is but I feel it’s closer to the 3000K or 3500K scale.

The above picture is the beam from the Compact Flashlight.  As you can see it is more white.  Again I couldn’t find what Kelvin this light is but looks to me like a 4000K or 5000K.

Here they are side by side.  Now they might be the same Kelvin and only appear different because the Compact Flashlight is a direct beam while the Twist Focus Flashlight has a more broad beam range.

Both lights are great and you can tell the build quality is top-notch.  I really don’t have anything to complain about since they charge fast, hold a charge for a long time and the run time is decent considering the output.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Lights Value

I know these lights might seem to be expensive and yes, they are compared to other lights.  But when it comes to quality, these lights are great.  They are powerful and the build quality is top-notch, so no worries on the job site with these.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Lights Final Thoughts

When it comes to lights, these two lights are great for the tradesmen.  They are bright and perfect for those jobs where you need a lot of light.  It’s hard to find anything I don’t like about these lights. If you are looking for a solid light for the job, I would take a look at either of these lights depending upon what style you need.

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