Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver

Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver

As an installer, you rely on a wide range of power tools to get the job done.  You need a drill and impact depending upon the application.  But it doesn’t stop there.  You will inevitably be working in tight areas, so a right angle or offset is a nice added bonus to make the job easier.  While it’s great to have all those tools, it can be costly and does eat up room in your tool bag.  So Hilti released a Multi-Head installation tool, so let’s check out the Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver.

Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver Overview

Hilti is not the first to release a multi-head tool like this.  Some other power tool manufacturers also have something with the same concept.  What makes Hilti different is the company.  Hilti is known for having some of the highest quality power tools on the market.  They don’t cut corners and they build a tool for the long haul, it’s made to work even the harshest conditions.

Another plus with Hilti is their available service that you don’t get with other tool companies.  Hilti has people in the field and service stores nearby, so you don’t have to worry about downtime.

Now let’s take a look and see what this tool is all about.

Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver Features

The Hilti Multi-head (SFE 2-A12) is a 2-speed tool that delivers 400 rpm in speed 1 and 1,600 in speed 2.  The maximum torque (Soft / Hard Joint): 186 in-lb (soft joint), 301 in-lb (hard joint).

Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver

The tool is powered by a Hilti 12V 4Ah battery. One cool feature is the battery has a fuel status gauge which you don’t see on a lot of 12V batteries.

You can adjust the speed from 1 to 2 with a slide switch located on top of the tool.

Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver

On the base of the tool, there are two bright LED lights that do a good job shining light on your working area.

Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver

The handle features a rubber over-mold grip. For me, the grip is comfortable and my hand fits comfortably around the tool when working with it.

Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver

The forward and reverse switch is what you would typically see on a drill/driver where you can press with your thumb or finger to switch directions.

The tool features a clutch setting from 1-15 with a drill only option.

Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver

As you can see on the front of the tool, there are metal bumps that protrude and where the attachments fit in.  As you would expect, with the metal bumps, this tool is high quality and will work through tough jobs.

Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver

With the tool, you get a 1/2″ keyless chuck, a hex bit holder, a right angle drill driver, and an offset chuck.

Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver

To put on the attachment, you pull back on the red ring of the attachment, place it on the head of the tool, and release it.  Yes, it’s that easy to set up and make changes to the tool.

As you can see with all four attachments, you can pretty much get any job done.  If you need a tight angle or weird angle, you can set up the tool to fit the job.

Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver

If you still can not get to a sport, you can use two attachments together.  Just install the right angle and then you can either attach the drill/driver or hex holder.

Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver Performance

As you would expect, the multi-head installation drill is powerful and smooth.  What I like best about the tool is the ease of use.  Changing heads is extremely easy to perform.  No messing around.

While it’s easy to change heads, I can not pass up the power.  For a 12V tool, it’s much more powerful than I would have thought.  This means for tradesmen, this is up for the task.  If you are drilling a hole to run a wire or a pipe, this tool can do it.  Need it for fasteners, no problem.  A tight area, no worries.  This multi-head can perform.

Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver Value

You can pick this up on the Hilti website for $324.  For me, this is a great deal.  First, you get the tool, 2 batteries, and a charger, plus a bag.  But the money you save by just buying this tool instead of the tools separately is well worth the savings.

I love the Hilti 12V line of tools and this fits nicely into that category.  For the price, this is hard to beat and I like this better than most of the other multi-heads we have seen on the market.

Hilti Multi-Head Drill Driver Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, this is a great tool.  For the money, you get a powerful tool, that is built to last, is versatile, and has a company and service to back it up.  What is not to like about this tool.  For me, it’s a no brainer.


  1. Eric,
    Thank you for the great review. How does this compare to the Bosch and Milwaukee installation 12v drivers? The weight, power and mostly the size weight and ergonomics?

    Thanks again!


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