Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool

Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool

When it comes to 12V, no other power tool manufacturer compares to Milwaukee.  Milwaukee has created a 12V line of power tools like no other.  Their 12V line of tools offers not only general power tools but trade-specific tools for plumbers, electricians, and more.  Today we are covering another addition to the M12 lineup, the Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool.

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Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool Overview

If you are like me, you might think a 12V is cool, but can it really offer power?  Can it offer enough power to be on the jobsite or is it just one of the 12V tools you have around for smaller jobs?  Heck with it being small, will the vibrations just ruin the experience.

I know I am jumping ahead of myself but this tool defies what you might think about 12V oscillating tools.  This tool is powerful, awesome run time, and easy to work with, and doesn’t create a ton of vibrations.

Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool Features

Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool

The Milwaukee Multi-Tool, model 2526 features a brushless motor that delivers 10,000 – 20,000 OPM and will maintain speeds even under certain loads.

Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool

While the tool will work with any M12 battery, the high capacity 4Ah or 6Ah are probably best suited for this tool.

Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool

On top of the tool is the slide switch to turn on and off the tool.

The variable speed dial is located on the side of the tool and offers 12 different settings.

Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool

One feature I like about this tool is the diameter of the handle.  I like how slim the handle is and how you can wrap your fingers around the handle.

Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool

On the front of the tool, there is an LED light to help light up dark areas.

The Multi-Tool offers a tool-free blade change.

I am not sure if this is new for Milwaukee but this is the first I have heard of it.  Milwaukee has their own oscillating blades.  We used a bunch of the blades for different applications and they seem to be great blades.  They held up under heavy conditions and lasted.

Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool Performance

When it comes to performance, this oscillating tool blew us away.  The tool is powerful and when you watch the video below, it was faster than the 18v version.  In fact, we have been using this around the shop to show off blades cutting nails, making holes, and more.  Each time we reached for this Milwaukee because it was powerful.

Trust me, I know when you think 12V, you might not think power, but this 12V will change your mind.

Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool Value

You can pick up the Milwaukee oscillating tool at The Home Depot for about $220, which includes the tool, a battery, charger, soft case, and some accessories.  Normally I would say this is on the high side and expensive but after using it and what we have done with this tool, I think it’s a great price.

The tool is solid, works like a champ, and not a ton of vibrations for the power and size of the tool.

Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Tool Final Thoughts

All in all, this is a great tool.  Powerful, easy to work with, and a great addition to the M12 lineup.  I am excited about seeing Milwaukee offering their own oscillating accessories and from what we have seen so far, the accessories held up compared to other brands.


  1. Hey! Thanks for such an interesting article. I have used Milwaukee before and have had problems with them. About 10 years ago, our company decided to order their products, we didn’t really like the quality. But recently a friend told me that now their product quality has become much better and I ordered their products again and I am satisfied, everything is really cool! Perhaps I didn’t know much about the technique before and therefore didn’t like it. Thank you for the article!


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