Milwaukee Pipe Wrench

Milwaukee Pipe Wrench

Milwaukee is starting to make a name in the hand tool world.  It’s weird to think back just 5 years ago.  Not even sure if they had hand tools back then. Today, they have a large SKU and growing every day, well at least it seems like that.  The Milwaukee Pipe Wrench is what we will take a look at today.  We are looking at two different wrenches.

Milwaukee Pipe Wrench – Information

Milwaukee Pipe Wrench – Features

The Milwaukee pipe wrenches are designed for the professional plumbers.  Here is what they have to offer:

  • Overbite Jaws
  • Dual coil springs for durability
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Tether handle loop

Milwaukee Pipe Wrench – First Impressions

Milwaukee Pipe Wrench

By any means, I am not a plumber.  However even before my house remodel, I have been doing a ton of plumbing work over the years.  With the house remodel, it has only added to my experience.  For me, I like these wrenches.

I like how easy to the wheel turns to open and close the jaws.  I like how well it grips the pipe but I really love the Aluminum wrench as it’s lightweight but still feels strong enough for daily abuse.

Milwaukee Pipe Wrench – Final Thoughts

I know you have a lot to pick from for pipe wrenches.  You can get anything from a no name to a high-quality brand name wrench.  Each has its unique features and benefits.  The Milwaukee wrenches are a good alternative.  They are solid and perform.  Are they the best wrenches on the market?  Let’s hear your feedback and see what everyone else thinks.  Leave a comment below or on our social channels.


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