Bosch Blue Granite Turbo Bits

Bosch Blue Granite Turbo Bits

Concrete is the cornerstone for any foundation, road, sidewalk, stairs and more.  Concrete is tough, it can take a beating, stand up to harsh condition and last a lifetime.  However, there is a trade-off.  With concrete being so tough, it also means you need a tough bit that can withstand the daily use of drilling holes.  You might not think a bit is all that important and what’s the difference between competitor “A” and competitor “B”.  Well, there is a difference, a big difference.

Having a good bit means a lot.  A quality bit can drill more holes which usually means monetary savings.  A quality bit drills cleaner holes, which means less hassle.  A quality bit can cut through concrete more efficiently which means your cordless tools will run longer per charge.  It also means less heat build-up with your power tool and longer life.

So yes, there is a difference between bits which brings me to the Bosch Blue Granit Turbo Bits. According to Bosch, these bits have 5 times the life as their competitor and drill 2 times faster.

Bosch Blue Granite Turbo Bits – Information

Bosch Blue Granite Turbo Bits – Features

Believe it or not, there is a lot that goes into the design and manufacturing of a concrete drill bit.  The Bosch Blue Turbo bits have some pretty cool features that make them stand out verse their competitors.

  • Designed to deliver up to 5 times the life and 2 times the speed
  • Hex shank means this will work with high impact drivers
  • 4-gind head creates more angles for longer life and faster drilling
  • Carbide center makes it easy to start in brick and masonry
  • Milled U-flutes makes faster and cleaner dust removal

Bosch Blue Granite Turbo Bits – Impressions

We have been using Bosch Blue Granite bits for a while and have had nothing but great luck with them.  While we didn’t test their claim to drilling twice as fast, I can tell you it drills much faster than the traditional concrete bits.  The bits also seem to last longer.  If you have ever bought a cheaper bit, you know they quickly wear out.  With the Bosch, they just last longer.

If you start out with a slow throttle and then ramp up as the bit grabs into the concrete, these bits work awesome.  Very clean and very fast. The debris is quickly brought up through the flute to the surface so it’s not double cutting and causing premature wear on the bits.

The one thing I would like to see different is the packaging.  I wish they had these in the hard plastic custom cases that Bosch offers.  Yes, I know concrete bits don’t have the life of other accessories but it would be great to have a hard case for those who toss it in a bag and don’t want the soft case opening up where the bits can get ruined.

Besides the quality of the bits, I love how you can use them with a hammer drill and even an impact which makes these a very versatile bit for the job site.

Bosch Blue Granite Turbo Bits – Wrap Up

Bottom line, the $19 investment is worth it.  The bits are high quality and easily cut through concrete. The fact you can use this with a drill or impact makes them better than your standard bit for about the same price.

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  1. Lo-tech drill bit cases are easy to make out of pvc pipe with a cap glued on one end. Leave the other cap unglued, of course. To avoid rust, drill holes into the pipe to allow circulation and hit the bits with rattle can lacquer after every use.


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